The Truth Behind Squall’s Father in Final Fantasy VIII

GE writes: "The revelation of Squall's father came when I sat down to play Final Fantasy VIII as an adult, and I realized the game was practically handing the evidence over on a silver platter."

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WildArmed1181d ago

I thought it was pretty obvious, even when I played it as a 10 year old.

It was hinted pretty damn strongly throughout the game. I think the parallel story lines between them was the biggest hint itself.

Never the less, it was a fantastic game. Any reason is a good reason to replay my fav (or 2nd fav... Damn FF6) final fantasy!

1180d ago
MrCrimson1180d ago

it's obvious to anyone that could read. I was a little older than the author however, I was 11.

hkgamer1180d ago

Quite obvious, but some people could have easily misunderstood.
The scene when they land ragnarok i thought kiros and ward was talking about rinoa's parents and not squalls.

blakeyboy901180d ago

Was this actually a shock to anyone? Not to be condescending but i figured this was pretty obvious and knew this even as a kid?

Becuzisaid1180d ago

When it rains (Raine) in a lagoon (Laguna) a squall is formed...

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

This is why FFVIII needs a sequel.

A lot of stuff need to be made clear even after how much the game has already given.

FFVIII sequel would be awesome!

Becuzisaid1180d ago

I think that's a huge problem with modern day story telling. There's too much explanation. Nothing is left to the imagination. I don't want Laguna and Raines relationship explained in full. It's sweet the way it is. I don't want an explanation of continuation of the ending. It's one of the best endings in the series.

Have we forgotten midichlorians already?

Pozzle1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

I agree. I loved that Laguna and Raine's romance is subtle and never fully explained. We (as the player) don't even realize just how far their romance went until the very end of the game where Laguna visits a grave, and you assume it must be Julia's grave he is finally visiting, but it is revealed to be Raine's grave and she has Laguna's last name! So not only were they in a serious relationship, they were married!

It's one of my favorite moments in the game, because not only had Raine become the most important woman in Laguna's life (rather than him continuing to pine for Julia), but you realize there's a bigger reason that Laguna risked his life to rescue Ellone from Esthar - she was his adopted daughter now. It's such a short and simple scene, yet it explains so much about Laguna's past.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

I am talking about Squall and Rinoa side of things.
The sorceress and knight.

You never know people might go after Rinoa and Squall with side with her.

Spotie1180d ago

There's almost NOTHING in VIII that's left unclear when you finish the game. With the sole exception of Ultimecia's identity- it's NOT Rinoa- there aren't any loose ends to be tied up.

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