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Agus writes that Resident Evil Umbrella Corps is Capcom’s Answer to Competitive Shooters.

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equal_youth1184d ago

My first impulse was this is another Free2Play game nobody wants...Turns out it costs 30 bucks. I hope this was just a tease for Resident Evil 7.

fudgenasty211184d ago

looks like capcom learned nothing from RE6

-Foxtrot1184d ago

Or Resident Evil 5

Or Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City

Or the fan reactions for the past few years

Or even the great sales of the Resident Evil Remake

Skate-AK1184d ago

Actually they did listen to the sales of the RE Remake. That is why they announced a RE Zero Remaster and a RE 2 Remake. Capcom isn't capable of making an original survivor horror game anymore. That is why they are doing Remakes and Remasters.

DarkBlood1184d ago

So it plays like resident evil 6 or is it first person? Im abit confused

igorgum1184d ago

third person, but you can aim down sights in first person

ssj271184d ago

Like metal gear solid.

Shadowgate1184d ago

I love this one life only my team vs yours zombies in the middle.

They should of left RE name or anything to do with it out of the picture though.I will be on day one.

gantarat1184d ago

US/Western name is "Umbrella Corps" only.

jonboi241184d ago

I can see them using this game as test to try out some new mechanics for Residential Evil 7 or what ever is next.

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