Top Rated Point Guards Revealed for NBA 2K16

The ratings reveal for NBA 2K16 is in full swing, with 2K Sports detailing the top rated players position by position. Today we have the list of the highest rated point guards in the game.

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saywat2471102d ago

mike conley and damien lillard over derrick rose?? lmfaoooo 2k go tf home ur drunk

Persistantthug1102d ago

Derrick Rose has been injured and when back hasn't been his explosive old self. But mostly, he's been injured.

Julion07151102d ago

I'm from Chicago he's great but injured more than great lol

iceman061102d ago

It's hard to gauge what D. Rose is at this point. He's been injured so much the last couple of years that the data is all screwed up. No worries, though, as these stats are only a starting point. If D. Rose performs well, he'll get the stats boost in game.

esportsgamer1102d ago

I agree! D. Rose shouldn't be on the top 10.

saywat2471101d ago

d.rose injured is still waaay better than half these guys. everyone else is so soft and weak but rose is just a monster. yall obviously havent watched the playoffs last season rose could easily out play most these guys. curry is a weakling along with irving and wall and lillard

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Persistantthug1102d ago

Stephen Curry #1.
Go Warriors!

SquillieDeeWilliams1102d ago

John Wall Finally getting the respect he deserves, yesssir!!

iceman061102d ago

John Wall has been pretty beastly in the game for a couple of years. He's physical as all hell and hardly gets stopped going to the rim. I love playing with him. Plus, the added wing presence of Beal...and inside with Gortat and Nene...the team is just fun to play with.

Lexiiii1101d ago

Bradley Beal is on the top 10 SG too. Great news!

ahmexxxx1102d ago

Derrick Rose #8, Tony Parker at #11 what?!

Lexiiii1101d ago

Today D. Rose is a better individual player. Tony Parker has probably achieved more and he's a role player.

gojmgo1102d ago

CP3 is still the number 1 overall point guard. They gave it to Steph Curry this year because he's on the cover.

esportsgamer1102d ago

How about winning the 2015 Championship and being the Most Valuable Player?

Lexiiii1101d ago

You forgot rewriting the 3-point record history.

xsjoe311101d ago

Remember when Curry broke Chris Paul's ankle and left him in shambles on the ground? I do.