Sci-fi Horror Game SOMA Out September 22nd, Twisting Human Mind and AI

Posted by Thomas Grip on Sep 18, 2015 // Creative Director, Frictional Games:
SOMA, our upcoming sci-fi horror game, delves deep into the mysteries of subjects such as identity and consciousness. In this post I would like to explore the real world inspirations that have shaped our game.

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DarkOcelet1096d ago (Edited 1096d ago )

So hyped!!!

Getting a Bioshock/System Shock 2 vibe from this beauty.

Perjoss1096d ago

I was about to make the same comment, I do hope there are a lot of audio logs, I do love me an audio log!

AntiZeal0t1096d ago

I love when a game uses the Dualshock 4 speaker for audio logs as well.

Perjoss1096d ago


ooh yeah, me too!

iDadio1096d ago

Looking forward to this although I always chicken out and stop playing it :(
Played outlast maybe twice before I didn't want to play it anymore.

Forn1096d ago

Ooo, close release date. Can't wait!

Omnisonne1096d ago

Very excited to jump into this, despite the heart attacks and dread it will bring onto me:D

1096d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.