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"PES 2016 might well be the best football game ever made."

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G20WLY1155d ago

Yup - if only they could sort out the proper licensing too, it would be perfect.

FIFA will still sell fine though. There are hardcore fans and those that buy it each year on autopilot.

Fro_xoxo1155d ago

on autopilot indeed.

I will be getting FIFA 16.

It's good to know PES is doing well still

SniperControl1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

"Yup - if only they could sort out the proper licensing too, it would be perfect"

And the Master league
And the transfer system
And the lack of computer controlled fouls
And the embarrassingly cringeworthy commentary
And the overall p155 poor presentation
And player animations(players still move like robots on speed)
Lack of leagues and teams around the world

Those are the many reasons why PES will never beat or be as popular as FIFA.

Having played both demos,i'am sticking with FIFA again, it has come on leaps and bounds this year.

TKCMuzzer1155d ago

Search the Web, very easy to import kits badges etc, I've done it. It does play a fantastic game of footy

G20WLY1155d ago

^Cheers Muzz, I'll do that! :^)

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PC_601155d ago

and here I am still playing fifa 98 on my PC

user99502791155d ago

I dunno I have heard Fifa16 is pretty outstanding. Will be a great showdown I think.

Nightmar3Demom1155d ago

My personal opinion, based on both of the demos that I played, I like the feel of FIFA better. I don't know if it's the pace or what it is, but it just feel less "artificial" than PES.

Again, just my opinion.

TKCMuzzer1155d ago

That's weird , completely the opposite for me. It's the subtle things in Pes, like how a team gets more defensive if they are leading.
FIFA is OK but I just can't relate to the way it plays and the players are still anatomicaly incorrect.

I've played both and Pes wins hands down for me.

nX1155d ago

Yeah, I think that FIFA feels like a video game while PES is more like a football simulation. To me, FIFA was not enjoyable for at least 4 years now.

VoyzovResin1155d ago

I'm actually surprised you feel FIFA is less artificial than PES. In my opinion PES feels much more authentic and closer to a real game than FIFA which has gotten too arcadey and pacey with its recent iterations. What's most off putting is the fact that I feel like the game is "scripted" and many matches are out of my control despite my skill level vs the opponents. That being said I do understand the appeal of FIFA and think its presentation is superior to PES which sadly puts people off due to lack of licenses and such. I'm hoping this new FIFA is fun so there's two quality football games to play.

frostypants1154d ago

FIFA feels canned as hell. It's fun but sometimes it's like playing a QTE game...

moomoo3191154d ago

Fifa 16 has actually improved the franchise for the first time in a long time.
I feel like fifa 12 - 15 more or less played the same with improved graphics.
Fifa 16 finally plays like a more balanced, realistic game.
Im happy about that bc this was EA's last chance before i switched to pes.

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zsquaresoff1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

Im glad this game is getting good reviews beecause competition is good and god only knows that EA could use some Fifa competition.

EA have been slacking with Fifa for far too long.

Koopdogg1154d ago

Getting good reviews??????

Take a hop on over to Steam,there are NO good reviews.

Konami still didn't learn anything from last year and STILL gave the pc community another bad port.

1155d ago
trywizardo1155d ago

finally a football game with great graphics and gameplay

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