Metroid Prime Hunters Launching On The Japanese Wii U eShop Later This Month

GS:" The Metroid series is one of the Nintendo series which hasn’t received a home console entry in quite some time. Following the controversial Metroid: Other M, many though the Japanese company would release a more traditional Metroid game or another entry of the highly acclaimed Metroid Prime series. This, unfortunately, has yet to happen but Japanese players will soon be able to play one of the more unique older entries of the series on Wii U."

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N4g_null1183d ago

Oh hell yeah bring this one out. It could use the controls of the wiiu. Heck a remaster would be very cool actually.

wonderfulmonkeyman1183d ago

I'm not sure how I feel about this...
I remember the red Hunter being terribly OP and unbalanced in the multiplayer mode, though I do remember having fun in single-player.

N4g_null1183d ago

I need this in the next metroid or make an online variant that links into the next metroid.

This is one reason why the 3ds kid icuras rocked. It had online battles. Balance out the hunters and give us some old boss powers.

PhoenixUp1182d ago

Can you play multiplayer on DS games through Wii U

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