PES 2016 vs FIFA 16: a friendly comparison

So, PES perfect for a quick match with your mates, FIFA better for hours and hours of competitive online play? Perhaps. As ever with games with such finely tuned mechanics, it's often not until weeks, or months later that their real personalities reveal themselves. For now, we can take comfort in the fact that both games were great last year, and both have been improved. Which you'll choose is simply a matter of taste.

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freshslicepizza1185d ago

fifa, like a lot of sports games, have become money grabs because they could do a lot of these refinements through updates and patches. with that said it looks like pes is finally showing why it's actually the better product because of one thing, gameplay. fifa continues to dominate with bells and whistles and visuals but underneath the hood the gameplay just isn't as good. i doubt pes will sell better because fifa has the marketing team behind it and marketing does have an impact on sales.

NewMonday1185d ago

PES doubles down on what makes it great, fun quick local competitive matches.

3-4-51184d ago

Both look good this year with PES being slightly better in certain areas.

WDBII1184d ago

Pes has nothing on Fifa's presentation... also on the pitch graphics.. PES.. they have great cut scenes but on the pitch? Is that PS3 hardware I'm playing on? C'mon.. Fifa looks great.. they could do way more but man they sure know how to keep you in the game if you are a true soccer fan.. I'm playing FIFA 16 now and dudes are still trying moves from last years game... those don't work anymore!!!!