EA Vs. Activision: Which Video Games Publisher Is The Best Investment?

Analyst Michael Pachter speaks with Forbes contributor Todd Kenreck about which company he feels is winning the hearts and minds of gamers - and which deserves your investment dollars.

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bixxel1182d ago

Debates like this, keeps going on and on............

greenmiker1182d ago

What he means "most original games"? Anyway, I think Activision has better games.

donthate1181d ago

I love Blizzard, but everything else about Activision is crap lately. Destiny is a major disappointment, and so is CoD. Super clunky controls in CoD:AW compared to Titanfall (which is fantastic by the way), and then CoD:BLOPS3 that improved the controller somewhat (not as good as TF still), but still has laggy as hell p2p multiplayer.

Then I look at EA, and they got BattleFront (very excited), Mass Effect: Andromeda (very excited), Dragon Age, and EA Access.

Then one of my favorite series is Dead Space too!

Blizzard is a league of it's own and ATVI win because of that, but EA is probably my favorite third party console publisher.

StrayaKNT1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Ea makes much more and better games. Dragon age inquisition, battlefield, need for speed, battlefront, Fifa.

Activision is abit too money hungry.

RSKnight1181d ago

As a gamer I agree EA has the better IPs, but since the question is which is the best investment, from an investor point of view, I agree with Pachter that Activision is the best bet. You said it your self, they are too money hungry.

pompombrum1182d ago

From an investment standpoint Activision if for no other reason than Blizzard. Activision just milk their few franchises but Blizzard at least are making new games and really utilize the strength of their existing IPs.

AstroCyborg1181d ago

ea since they have more then just cod