Star Fox Zero Delayed to 2016

A Message from Mr. Miyamoto regarding Star Fox Zero:
I made a big decision last week.

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Magicite1099d ago

Poor WiiU, no Holiday line-up this year.

bouzebbal1099d ago

do you even have a Wii U? Why do you care? and what do you know about Wi U's line up for the rest of the year?

wheresmymonkey1099d ago

Aside from Fatal Frame, Mario Maker and Xenoblade X. Yep two games that use the pad really well and what is probably going to be one of the best JRPGs of this gen. Certainly that is abig fat nothing....

magiciandude1098d ago

I don't keep up with Wii U news much, but there's still Mario Maker (out now), Yoshi Wholly World (for NA), and Xenoblade Chronicles X to name a few. I might be missing some other games also.

Mykky1098d ago

I was hoping for Zelda, Star Fox and Xenoblade and now only Xenoblade is left. I prioritize MGS and Fallout 4 before Mario Maker and Fatal Frame.

I highly doubt Xenoblade X will be better than Withcer 3 in being the best rpg this gen. At least in my opinion. I am actually in doubt if X will surpass Xenoblade Chronicles. Hopefully it does though.

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Loadedklip1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

I think this is GREAT news actually. The game didn't look impressive both from a graphics and gameplay standpoint.

Now with more time ... they can make the Star Fox sequel we deserve.

I rather have a great game later on then have a disappointing game early.

Also this is more reason why third party support is needed if you are Nintendo. When you have games like Fallout, Star Wars Battlefront, Call of Duty, NBA 2, Madden, FiFa, Metal Gear Solid ... you really don't need to have your own games rushed to meet deadlines as much since your console owners will still have plenty to keep them happy.

Concertoine1099d ago

This game is not going to change radically in less than a year. They're probably adding more polish or a throwaway multiplayer mode.

Ray_moondo1099d ago

upset but not surprised. they were really rushing this one.

LonDonE1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

Agreed,the writing was on the wall.
This sucks but It was being rushed and needed that nintendo polish we all love! I am actually very happy and sad, happy because now hopefully we will get the starfox game fans have been yearning for! and sad because this holiday i want more wiiu games to play with my kids and wife.

Nintendo make fantastic family friendly hardware/software.
The wiiu is bloody awesome even with its short commings.

RalphBlutawn1099d ago

I guess Miyamoto is following his philosophy about delayed games.

Travis37081099d ago

This was needed!

Improve the graphics..

Metallox1099d ago

Precisely. Don't think it will happen though, it's not enough time to completely revamp the visuals.

Emme1099d ago

Complete revamp is not needed, I think there is a difference between corneria and that desert planet, and yes, I think they can do some more polishing for 2 months now, then release it in january or february.

Picnic1099d ago

You only have to revamp so much in a space game like this for it to be appreciated.

Mega_Volnutt1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

I hope that at least they update the game engine . It's awful to WiiU standards