Into the Heart Sphincters – I Can’t Escape: Darkness Review | GIZORAMA

Johnny Ohm, GIZORAMA - "The classification of scary or unsettling largely stems from individual interpretation. Sure, we have a predetermined fear of the dark and things unknown, but true terror is cultivated based on our own personal beliefs and experiences (i.e., I’m more fearful of bees than I am clowns because I’m not allergic to the latter). While some videogames cater to personal fears or attempt to bank on instinctual anxiety, others miss the mark completely, failing so terribly that the thought of bankruptcy is the only real source of terror. I Can’t Escape: Darkness, Fancy Fish Games’ spiritual successor to I Can’t Escape, throws whatever it can think of against the wall to see if something sticks. Unfortunately, the only thing I’m afraid of is the amount of time I wasted playing."

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