Backers Express Anger and Disappointment Over Mighty No. 9 Trial Demo Delay

"Fans and backers of Mighty No. 9 have expressed their anger, confusion and disappointment over delays and Comcept's seeming inability to communicate these issues."

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Harkins17211097d ago

Apparently they had an issue with steam and allowing it on the platform. So they are going to humble bundle. Yes it sucks but we must handle it! We will get this game!

Beetey1097d ago

The real question is, even when we finally get it, will it be the game we want?

DiscoKid1097d ago

This is a very important question. Right now, the game looks rather bareboned. It certainly plays like a run-and-gun, but the issue is that the game needs something more interesting than just fan service. It has the atmosphere of a licensed Cartoon Network game and the level design seems linear. We'll have to see. Not calling it out yet.

Enigma_20991097d ago

This is turning into the cluster**** to end al cluster****s!

Segata1096d ago

I stopped getting angry as a backer. It's now just funny to me in a sad way.

Jag-T10001096d ago

I'm glad I didn't donate.

Shinuz1096d ago

Yeah same here, 20XX is looking like the better game.