Destiny: The Taken King's Fall Raid release time announced

Bungie has announced the exact time the King's Fall Raid will be available for Destiny: The Taken King players.

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Snookies121188d ago

Anyone know what light level will be recommended for this? I'm hovering right around 260 at the moment. Hoping to jump right into this raid tomorrow if I can gear myself up a bit more before then.

BB1188d ago

The story says 280. I'm definitely not ready.

Halo2ODST21188d ago

I'm only 206, playing some Battlefield 4, so don't have much time, also has anyone tried listening to BUNGIES halo music veryyy loud when playing Destiny, it's awesome!!

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GrimDragon1185d ago

Warlock stormcaller is weak wish warlocks had a staff weapon the way hunters have bows and Titans have hammers. Speaking of which daaaaaaam the Titan hammer decimates all in its path epic power.