Top 5 Opening Scenes in Games

Mark from GamersFTW writes his opinion on the top 5 opening scenes in games.

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MrsNesbitt1184d ago

Some fond memories from this list :) Not necessarily an opening scene, but I absolutely adored the scene where you first exit Vault 101 in Fallout 3, when the sun hit your eyes - magical!

scarecrow20141184d ago

.....and Liam Neeson being your Dad. Let's not forget Liam Neeson being your Dad

MrsNesbitt1184d ago

Never forget. Or, he will find you and he will kill you.......see what I did there XD

Magicite1183d ago

JRPGS have best opening scenes.

Yukes1184d ago

Will never forget the opening to the original Half Life - fully deserves to be on the list. It was masterful exposition; story-telling at its conservative best.

GamerGabs1184d ago

Some nice openings there. Completely agree that an opening can make or break a game. A couple of personal favourites include: Bioshock Infinite, Alice: Madness Returns, and Battleblock Theatre.

Yukes1184d ago

Alice: Madness Returns - now there was a game that had a setting that was looking quirky in the rear view mirror, but ultimately dull gameplay.

GamerGabs1184d ago

Yeah, looking back it was a bit fiddly and a lot of the enemies were repeated. Still, it had a lot of atmosphere and some great visual storytelling to make it worth a playthrough.

cynicgamer1184d ago

Half life opening was incredible.

Skellytorx1184d ago

All the Mass Effect feels have come flooding back to me. Was a great opening following on from the first game, and Martin Sheen makes a terrific bad guy!

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