How Online Multiplayer Corrupted A Great Company Like Rockstar

Remember when micro-transactions were said to be the works of the video game devils and that no one in their right mind would support such a business structure? Welcome to 2015 where micro-transactions are the norm in gaming and just about every mobile game that releases, uses this as their means to make ends meet. The problem is that we as gamers have settled for this instead of demanding more for our money. Because so many of us have $100 for 90,000 gold bricks for a mobile game. While you could slow play it, who has that kind of time. When it comes to console games, they have began creeping their way into the landscape with games like Assassin’s Creed Unity and Mortal Kombat X adapting to the change in times. If mobile games can do it, why can’t console games you might ask.

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user99502791188d ago

ahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. stick it in yer ear. GTAV is a frikken MASTERPIECE, and GTAO is incredible. No two ways about it.

People like the author - people who resist the way the industry is going at every turn - are in for a rough future. I imagine most of them will eventually get tired of bytching about nothing and quit gaming forever. Here's hoping!!!!!!

Modern distribution methods. Modern monetization. The vocal minority can kick and scream all day, wont change a thing. Just be glad that we are starting to see free DLC. If you cant be bothered to play the game to earn your car, and you refuse to pay real money to buy your car, then you are SOL!

diesoft1188d ago

I hope you're being satirical.

If you're not....yeesh. I guess games like Evolve won't make you upset, then.

XBLSkull1187d ago

My big problem with microtransactions is that they are never reasonable. In GTA, $20 for $1.25M, thats just enough to buy the fastest cars in the game, and that is only one car, you should be getting at least $5M for that real $20. I've been tempted in games to use microtransactions but they are all rips offs just like this so instead of taking some of my real money for some fake in game content, they don't get an extra cent from me, their loss.

Xavior_Reigns1188d ago

Prisons would have a blast with you.

N0TaB0T1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )


Grand Theft Auto Online had a premise but could not deliver until two years later, as its *flagship game type* was advertised in 2013. Between then and now you had to purchase shark cards (idiot chum), or get handed billions in pilfered (exploited) winnable currency. Free cars and weapons though guys, just rank up eighty more levels to use them with your friends...

Nothing about the heists needed a two year wait, but I guess it's okay, Rockstar already has your money for this game going on three years. Just get the Vaseline out for their next (non-story) DLC.

tmh35931187d ago

I never got the hate for GTA online. It is some of the best times ive had in gaming with friends.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1187d ago

Well for us few smart enough not to spend a penny on the micro transactions we don't complain.

I was on Gta online at launch an I happily used the replay mission exploit which I think is legit and kept replaying the drug deal mission that got u 10k per completion which took literally 2-3 mins to complete. I bought a house an a couple expensive cars with that.

Later on getting the ps4 version I got the cash rewards from the pre order that helped me buy further stuff.

So not spent a penny on micro transactions. It's about playing smart.

And as for evolve fuck evolve I knew that game was trash from the reveals.

3-4-51187d ago

Red Dead Redemption was the last great game Rockstar made.

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Palitera1187d ago

Your post shows exactly the bias that drives general opinions of "less smart" people: "It is Rockstar and GTA V, so it is ok if they call their MP mode as a different game and implement heavy F2P schemes on a 60 bucks game."

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smolinsk1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

GTA Online is boring as Hell, impossible to play heist unless you want grazys to ruin all the fun. not fun and stupid that you can not play it with bots.

Rockstar is doing all that they startet out to be against, money hungry bastards now.

JamesBroski1188d ago

Unless you have tons of friends to play with, it's almost impossible to play jobs (deathmatches, races, activities, etc). The matchmaking is really shitty and except from doing heists with your friends or doing chaos in the city in freeroam, there's nothing to do.

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wakeNbake1188d ago

GTA5 is a classic through and through, it excels in almost every category, most devs arent capable of such a game.
That being said......
Where is the single player dlc? TBOGT is probably my all time favorite dlc it was better than GTA4 itself.

Jmanzare1188d ago

I hate when people call new things classic. I liked gta v but it's multiplayer launch wasn't that great and the online just isn't that fun for me it's not very rewarding. The amount of grinding you have to do for better guns and vehicles is annoying and that's why they added he micro transactions. Rockstar must of made a ton of money off of this game there's no need for the shark cards, and they should make it easier to level and bring down the level cap. They should treat it like destiny by slowly increasing the level cap
Just my opinion

D3TH_D33LR1188d ago

Not even going to click this because it already sounds like a whiney hipster wrote this.

Roccetarius1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

Rockstar was already corrupted before, but it took GTA V to show their real roots. This isn't a surprise to those without blinders on.

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