Nioh details online element, first screenshots

Nioh protagonist William can fight using multiple weapons, including swords and spears. Spears have a wider range and can strike a larger number of oponents, but is difficult to use in confined spaces. Each weapon has its own characteristics such as this. Additionally, switching between a higher offensive stance and lower defensive stance will be an important element.

There will be an online element called “Chinokata Dzuka” (Bloody Sword Mound). When you’re connected online and playing the game, you’ll see the “bloody sword mounds” of players who have died sticking out of the ground. When you touch it, that player’s “Jigurui” (Corpse Deviation) will appear and a battle will ensue. You can see their name, level, and cause of death before deciding whether to summon them. Corpse Deviation battles are dangerous, but defeating the summon might earn you useful items.

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