Sony’s TGS 2015 Show Is What All Game Press Conferences Should Be

Sony's TGS show yesterday was a reminder of what a games press showing should be like.

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chrisx1102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

I was impressed. So many games on the Ps4, Jrpgs are back and fighters inbound. Ps4 is tight

NewMonday1102d ago

the biggest things for me were:

Gravity Rush 2
World of Final Fantasy
Bloodborne the Old Hunters

suckingeggs1102d ago

Gravity rush 2 and gravity rush remake

Everybody needs to play those games

DragonDDark1101d ago

Persona 5... getting delayed ;___;

fermcr1102d ago

Didn't see Sony’s TGS 2015 Show, but I've see a few trailers from games shown, and ... meh. Nothing really interesting (with few exceptions). It's essentially games for the Japanese market.

Maybe it's just me since I don't play that many games, but I prefer quality over quantity.

1102d ago
DarkOcelet1102d ago

What? Quality Over Quantity? I cant believe you just said that on Japanese games.

Those games might not be for you but saying they are not quality is really ignorant.

TwoForce1102d ago

So you hate japanese games more than Western ? What are you trying to say ?

UltraNova1102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

That's what TGS is for, Japanese gamers and if what they've shown primarily caters to that demographic then they did their job just fine.

So please, make yourself a favor and try not being so self-contradicting:

"Maybe it's just me since I don't play that many games, but I prefer quality over quantity.".

NewMonday1102d ago

Japanese games got the highest metacritic scores this year


OB1Biker1102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

'I prefer quality over quantity.'
Thats really a stupid line used in fanboys wars now.
Of course EVERYONE prefers quality over quantity but the more you can choose from with your own preferences the better.
Nioh for me was the best surprise.
Bloodborne looks great.
Interested about Umbrella Corps
And Im hoping to see a western release for Dragon Quest Builders.

CrazedFiend1102d ago

Don't usually say things like this, but I think that was one TRULY ignorant comment.

Like saying "Meh, that E3 conference seemed to be only about Western games to me."

TGS has been around for how many years and you STILL haven't figured it out yet?

Paleblood1102d ago

Sorry but you don't know what you are talking about. Just a random xbox fanboy comment.

MasterCornholio1102d ago

Better to have Japanese games than to not have them.

Its called giving consumers options and that's never a bad thing.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

"quality over quantity"

Yet xbone has yet to have 1 single game with a metacritic score of 90+ since it's release where as PS4 has at least 3 by my count

Ben Dover1101d ago

Bubbled you down for trolling. This is beyond ignorant and dumb to say. Kindly get rid of your keyboard ASAP.

Revengeance1101d ago

So you based the entire conference on just a few trailers you saw?

That's VERY close minded

nix1101d ago

X1 has neither quality nor quantity.

MysticStrummer1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

"Maybe it's just me since I don't play that many games, but I prefer quality over quantity."

If you don't play many games then how do you feel qualified to assess the quality of games you haven't played? Even someone who has played many games can have a tough time doing that.

Also, Playstation has been the home of both quality and quantity since PS1 and PS4 is continuing that tradition.

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UKmilitia1102d ago

is this htere show or there preshow?

Magicite1102d ago

and theres still PGS and PSX this year, oh baby!

3-4-51101d ago

I was glad to see some more of Dragon Quest Builders.

Is TGS over now though ?

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Iluvtrim1102d ago

What a joke of an article

FreddyFazbear1101d ago

Funny thing is, your the joke. Can't say anything clever I see. just jealousy and FEAR!! LOL

1102d ago
italiangamer1102d ago ShowReplies(3)
Paleblood1101d ago

Sony's TGS conference was very refreshing a day full a good news. A lot of new Japanese games exclusive to PS4 and coming to the west. It was like a Japanese industry revival.

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