World of Warships Review - Powerleveled has brought its epic action to the high seas!

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Stevefantisy1098d ago

And their success just keeps coming. Nice review.

Bhuahahaha1098d ago

i played the beta (oh boy sometimes took 10mins to engage enemy)
those torps and carrier gave my battleship a beating

Jacktrauma1098d ago

Best thing to do is stick with your support crew or at least go in the same direction as them. If you end up getting into the game, send me a friend request! Jacktrauma

Bhuahahaha1098d ago

ty mate.but im not playing it now (my highest tier is the new york)
for now im using my free time playin divinity sin/witcher 3

Bhuahahaha1098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

opps sorry, net going bonkers

RaptorGTA1097d ago

Love this game..been playing since the public beta.

Jacktrauma1097d ago

Initially I thought "A game with ships that shoot at each in Assassins Creed 4? hmm...that could be fun I guess" but I'm so happy its so much more than that lol