So I've Played Dark Souls III Now (GR Preview)

"The demo's focus was combat, and it felt like I was running a gauntlet of shit that wanted to kill me. All of it was gorgeous to look at, from the stones to the bon fires, to the ghouls." -GR

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Revolt131184d ago

Cant f*ckiiiin waiiiit!

Justiceleague1184d ago

If it's From Software I'm already in

1gamerON371184d ago

I hate when I read : "I can not wait" but ... truly ..I can not f"ckiiin waiiiit !At least I have The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 until then ! So that I can gladly F"CKIIIN WAIIIT wait till then!

Revolt131184d ago

Well seeing as how I completed basically everything in TW3, and I have hardly any interest in Fallout 4. I cant wait!

Perjoss1183d ago

Bro, do you even Souls?

ziggurcat1184d ago

can i have this game now, please?

Clown_Syndr0me1184d ago

I love the look and style of these games (and blooddborne) they're just too Damn hard for me!

Perjoss1183d ago

They are not really that hard, trust me I'm a terrible gamer and I still manage to make it through the games, just takes me a bit longer than most as I need to learn enemy attack patterns rather than rely totally on my crappy reflexes.

Clown_Syndr0me1183d ago

Yeah I agree, started to get used to Bloodborne in the end but didn't have the time or stAmina for it really.

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