LEGO Dimensions launch trailer revealed as Youtube series gets detailed

Neil writes "Yep, we're afraid you're gonna need a bigger imagination because today Warner Bros have revealed the 'Endless Awesome' launch trailer for LEGO Dimensions, whilst also revealing a new weekly YouTube series."

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oKidUKo1185d ago

Printing money with this. There are so many characters from different popular films or TV, it has something for nearly everyone.

darren_poolies1185d ago

I don't really know much about this game but is it pretty much the same as stuff like Skylanders and Disney Infinity?

neil3631184d ago

Pretty much, other than you have to build the characters!

The 10th Rider1175d ago

It does have the advantage that they're planning to support it for at least another 3 years, rather than doing yearly installments like Infinity or Skylanders.

barb_wire1184d ago

Sure gonna be expensive to play this game.

I wonder if LEGO or WB will have plenty of figures available or like the amiibo's only be in limited stock.. so that scalpers can buy them all up and sell them for obsence prices on Ebay/Amazon?

Wow, i just looked on Amazon and most of the figure packs are $30 each, a few here and there are $15.

Automatic791184d ago

The starter pack alone is $100.