NO GOW content on X-Mas eve!

Over on the official Gears forum, Mark Rein had this to say:


This is a hoax.

We've already stated that we are working on releasing an update soon but we don't know the exact date of the release yet because it has not passed certification yet.

I wish the fan sites and online media would check with me first before they post stuff like this. Pretty much all of them have at least my email address (if not my phone number) and I check mail many, many times throughout the day

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Juevani4382d ago

?????????????????????? lol

TheSadTruth4382d ago

this update better come before feb. I'm sick of playing with all these ****ing glitches and having every one team up in ranked matches vs randoms.. the ****ing horrible matchmaking system needs to be completely revamped

Marriot VP4382d ago

yah we can trust you...."PS3ROCKS" for an informative opinion. If you don't like being on the bad team - than don't be on the bad team. Say you'll quit if you think the teams are stacked, and if they are quit. Also if everybody is in the middle and you start the game it randomizes it. Do you have a lack of creativity or something??

I think your too used to being forced to do or like something because of the way Sony's treated you with your PS3.

marionz4381d ago

oh a undercover sony fanboy!

FirstknighT4381d ago

matchmaking is for noobs! Its all about custom games! I dont want anything new yet...I'm still not tired with the old stuff!

zonetrooper54382d ago

Well i hope Epic can make some new maps for the new year. Remember guys, its only 7 more days until Christmas Eve and only 8 more days until Christmas Day. Merry Christmas everyone :D

Yo Wassap4380d ago

I could have sworn i posted this first! And mine had a funny picture, it took time to make that!

Anyhow it's a shame, i was looking forward to another x-mas prezzie.