5 minutes of Ni-Oh gameplay

Take a look at 5 minutes of Ni-Oh gameplay.

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DarkOcelet1007d ago (Edited 1007d ago )

Ninja Gaiden+Onimusha+Bloodborne+ Geralt Face+FFXV Life development span= Ni-Oh

Thank you Genuine-User and Jon_Snow for reminding me about Ninja Gaiden, i knew i was forgetting something :)

Genuine-User1007d ago

I would add Ninja Gaiden to your list as well.

NewMonday1007d ago

NiOh has several inspirations clearly but looks to have its own feel to it

fast paced challenging action game, goes straight to the top of the most wanted list.

peshkavusCA1007d ago

Samurai Geralt face.. *sigh*

AngelicIceDiamond1007d ago

Yeah this the game right here. It looks sick.

jon_snow1007d ago

And style of Ninja Gaiden 1. Team ninja confirmed it's coming to west also in 2016 best news ever.

Paleblood1007d ago

Oh my God yes! Hype increased.

leahcim1007d ago

it is amazing the way you forgot the obvious main inspiration = ONIMUSHA -saga!

DarkOcelet1007d ago

Um, i already wrote Onimusha unless i forgot something?

Godmars2901007d ago


Should have stopped with Onimusha and Bloodborne.

takohma1007d ago

I see every game you said in there except for Gerald Face and FFXV. looks fun though. I'll be picking it up

DarkOcelet1007d ago

His face looks like Geralt and the game has been almost 10 years ago just like FFXV.

Gatsu1006d ago

Aye, this looks like one awesome combination of them :D.

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Fro_xoxo1007d ago

Inspired by souls games.

I like it already...

VsAssassin1007d ago (Edited 1007d ago )

What was THAT!? I'm so hyped right now! I heard the guy mention "online" three times. Yup, another game inspired by Demon's Souls/Dark Souls! Can't wait!

1007d ago
timmyp531007d ago

If this sells. .75- 1 million I bet capcom tries to reboot Onimusha lol. I'm looking forward to playing this.

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The story is too old to be commented.