Destiny: My Impressions of Year One

My impressions on the first year of Destiny leading into Year 2.

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ninsigma1101d ago

My opinion of year one is that the original game was awesome despite its lack of cohesive story. I had a lot of fun with it but ultimately the rng design made it unsustainable for me. After having played how and tdb (first time playing it when ttk released) I can say that at the time those expansions released, they weren't worth the money and I'm glad I didn't pay for them or the season pass. Ttk is a much better package and the issues of year one have been addressed. Looking at year one (and its transition into year 2) I can see that bungie have been listening to their fans. Would have been nice of ttk didn't cost as much but I was willing to put the money into it and I'm enjoying my time with it.

darren_poolies1101d ago

Seems like me and you had a very similar experience!

ninsigma1101d ago

I think most people had the same feelings about it at end game of the original. It just depended on whether that was a problem for you or not. For me I had started my job the October following destinys release so I didn't have the hours to put in on the crappy rng, that's why I quit. It's definitely a lot better now and I'm glad I jumped in again because I never thought destiny wasn't fun, it was just a circumstances thing.

darren_poolies1101d ago

Well a combination of taking on more hours at work and univerity deadlines contibuted. And the fact that I couldn't do the raid because I didn't have 5 other people to play with made me quit. But a few months ago I decided to jump back in again, used Destinylfg and managed to finally do the raid which was great and it kinda just snowballed from there. Now I've got TTK to play plus the other DLCs so a whole boat load of conent for me to get though, not to mention the massive improvements the 2.0 update brought.

Exciting times, see you out there Guardian.

ninsigma1101d ago

Oh yeah the raid was the tipping point! I got into a group on the destiny forums and I got no gear what so ever in any of the chests or from completing it and Id have to wait a whole week before I get try get gear from it again. Then shortly after I figured out you couldn't get to 30 without raid gear. I knew that was never going to happen lol
Watch yourself out there ;)

darren_poolies1101d ago

Haha same! The first time I did the raid I was so happy but all I got was Ascendance Shards. Which I was pissed about but the next week I got my first exotic weapon (MIDA Multi-tool), Atheon's Epilogue and some armour so that was really good.

Although I never managed to hit 34 before the update because I needed one Etheric Light to ascend my last piece of legendary armour but couldn't get it as I didn't have the DLC or anthing. Level 40 now though and looking forward to doing the Crota raid for the first time.

Haha, for some reason I read that in the crucible guys voice: "Watch your back Guardian. No one else will."

ninsigma1100d ago

Yeah I was just getting upgrade materials.....which fine...if you have gear to upgrade xD
Can't remember my first exotic but my favourite (haven't had many) is bad ju ju and the helm of inmost light (worked so hard to be able to afford that helmet from xur before he left xD)

Good, because I was definitely going for something along those lines xD

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GrimDragon1101d ago

This game doesn't let me shower or eat.

darren_poolies1100d ago

This game makes sleep and going to work so much harder

GrimDragon1100d ago

Lol every time I say one hour it becomes four, when I say I'll just do one quest it becomes five, when I say I won't play today I do, I think I have destinitis