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GAF Review - Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

GAF writes: "The Metal Gear series has produced some of the most memorable gaming experiences I've ever had over the course of my meager, 23 years of life. So when I finally plugged in my shiny new 80 GB PS3 into my television and popped in the Blu-Ray Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots disk, I had a lot of expectations. I wanted something that would redefine my conventions of what a video game could be. I wanted to see what HD graphics could really do (having an HDTV with 1080p helps as well). And most importantly, I wanted all those mysteries that came up in the last few Metal Gear Solid titles to be solved. I had some high expectations for this game." (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 10/10

Solid_Dawg  +   2617d ago
score deserved but...
what took him so long to finish it?
Shaka2K6  +   2617d ago
LMAO meta$hit added that lesbianho3s 6/10 review to the board.
LMAO n4g.con should be killed for linking to that POS website.
Dragunov  +   2617d ago
This game was truly awesome
SmokingMonkey  +   2617d ago
one of the best ever made IMO
imagine a 10 hour anime movie where you could control one of the coolest most legendary heroes of all video game time with well over 10 hours of insane combat or stealth gameplay with some of thee most intuitive control and gameplay schemes ever made, and you might understand how truly EPIC this game is.
I highly recommend this game to every hardcore gamer. Definitely one of the best games ever made IMO.
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2617d ago
Another satisfied fan.

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clintos59  +   2617d ago
Always good to see...
No matter how long the review took, the game is still an amazing achievement and is truelly an expirience u wont find on any other console unless it is ported to pc or 360 which I doubt seeing that the game is selling so well and helping the ps3 sell so well.
psycho360  +   2617d ago
Did they reveiew with the bargain bin price? Or were they sleeping for last 2 months?
SonySoldierEternaL  +   2617d ago
you're such a b*tch sometimes
psycho360  +   2617d ago
Come'on we all need to let out in the open zone :D Expected loss of bubbles predicted
krakdol  +   2616d ago
Don't be so jealous. The best game ever made, and you will never ever play it on your crapbox.

Life is a b*tch.

You still get Banjo and Pinata, though.
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Horny  +   2617d ago
Ya its a great game...
but game came out nearly 2 months ago why are people still reviewing it.

Oh Im sorry, I forgot I am only supposed complain about it when its a negative review.
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clintos59  +   2617d ago
I think when a game that comes along and just blows peoples minds and sets standards of how games should be made...
U tend to attract alot more reviews then expected. I have been keepin track of MGS4 reviews and so far there almost 300 reviews just for this one game. The most I ever seen for any 1 game. Shows u just how big this game is.
Maldread  +   2617d ago
It`s a great game
The best i have on PS3 so far (have COD4 and GTA4 also). MGS4 let me down with it`s story though, i feel both 1 and 3 was way more engaging than MGS4. The ending of it was esspecially bad, so i`m glad a new one is on it`s way.

I would advice people who enjoyed MGS4 to try 1 and 3 as well. The sad thing is that they might not enjoy it as much as they would`ve because of the camera and shooting system, which was amazing in MGS4. But hang on, the games is still great ;)
thor  +   2617d ago
The ending was bad? I'm going to get
here obviously:

The whole point of the ending was that you found out you were being manipulated by the patriots the whole time; Kojima is a master of misdirection and despite the fact that it happened exactly the same way in MGS2 (richard ames even says "I was sent in by the la-li-lu-le-lo, just like you", but you don't notice), you don't notice the fact there is an ANAGRAM of patriot (RATPT01) in large letters on your screen when talking to meryl on codec, and you even ASK drebin if he is working for the patriots, and if he was the one who injected you with foxdie, and it is SO obvious when you replay it that he IS, but you just accept his word that he ISN'T.

The ending is very clever; ocelot's plan was always to bring back big boss and exact his will (outer heaven), but the way he did it was through the patriots. Why did he disguise himself as liquid? It was to fool the system - he had already tested the patriots' system before in MGS2 - like big boss said, "in the end, it's just a program, it just keeps repeating the same pattern over and over". The S3 plan in MGS2 (solid snake simulation) was really a plan by the patriots (selection for societal sanity), to "deal with any contingency". What ocelot saw, was that in response to the same events (mimiking shadow moses), the AI would respond in the same way. So he tried replicating it again - he disguised himself as liquid wanting to launch a direct assault on the patriots, knowing the patriots would send in snake to destroy the AI he had control of, and he and eva enlisted naomi to write a virus that would cripple the other AIs from within (but she was helped by sunny).

The main point of the ending is that you realise, although the patriots are destroyed in the end, you have ALWAYS been on the side of the patriots, and the enemy's plan has ALWAYS been to destroy them. As I said, Kojima is a master of misdirection and he got me again in this game. And I loved it when all was finally revealed.
YogiBear  +   2617d ago
They can play Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence. The camera is similar to MGS4.
Maldread  +   2616d ago
Well, i think the whole Patriots thing isn`t very well explained, so i didn`t like it that much (see my blog for more). I was more adressing the wedding etc with the ending though.

With that said, i think you`ve understood more it`s story than me ;) Good post.
jay2  +   2617d ago
WTF's the obsession with these stupidly late reviews, GET A GRIP N4G
juuken  +   2617d ago
Wow...and the 10's still keep pouring in. :3

Truly a masterpiece of a game.

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