Xbox 360 System Update Adds New Features Including 2GB Cloud Storage

Major Nelson:
The Xbox 360 received a system update today that brings all the new features showcased in Preview for the last few months to the world.

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FallenAngel19841034d ago

I thought 360 used Microsoft's unlimited cloud storage. Oh well nice update

SegaGamer1034d ago

This new update has removed the G next to my gamerscore. It now just says the points total, is this normal ?

Mulando1034d ago

Great, now I can sync all my savegames with the cloud. Skyrim and those bioware titles were not so nice for my cloud storage capacity.

Autosync in background would be nice, though.

Redgehammer1034d ago

It's great that the 360 is still geeting love.

1034d ago
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