Cool Noir Point & Click Adventure NoseBound Now on Kickstarter

Get over to Kickstarter to help out this amazing-looking new project, and you might even get to be an NPC in the game

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CuHnadian1189d ago

After torturing myself with a god awful point and click Noir game, hopefully this one is better.

CoyoteHunter1188d ago

Have you tried out Blues and Bullets? It' pretty solid: http://store.steampowered.c...

Review - http://www.grabitmagazine.c...

Paulhammer1189d ago

Who thought this was an open niche in the market? Good gravy

fitfox1189d ago

saw kickstarter in the title, not interested

Chapter111188d ago

The terrible voice acting totally ruins it.

GrapesOfRaf1188d ago

Agreed. Totally kills the mood.