Will the Dark Souls series become the next Call of Duty?

Dark Souls II was a disappointment in comparison to Dark Souls, which was lead by a different team. Will the series become the next Call of Duty with a new game on the horizon?

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gangsta_red1185d ago

Dark Souls II wasn't as good as part one but I wouldn't say it was a disappointment. I still had a ton of fun with part two, it's that part one's level design was just so much more impressive.

But I am still anticipating Dark Souls III and wouldn't even mind an annualized DS series. I enjoy these games that much.

magiciandude1185d ago

Being the low point of the series, it's still a really fun game. From Software is just amazing. They're easily one of the top 5 developers in my opinion.

Bimkoblerutso1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

I will be following Miyazaki wherever he goes for sure, and he has already expressed interest in moving on to other projects.

If From Software "annualizes" the franchise with a new team, then I'll follow that until it starts sucking. Simple as that.

ziggurcat1185d ago


You're absolutely right - DSII wasn't nearly as "good" as the previous iterations of the series (and I kind of include demon's souls because dark souls is technically the spiritual successor), but that doesn't mean it wasn't an amazing game, nor did it prevent me from pouring (probably) 300-400 hours into the game even after getting the platinum trophy.

But as much as I love the series, I personally wouldn't want it to be annualized - I like that it's every 2-3 years because... well... there's only so much punishment an individual can take!

JsonHenry1185d ago

I gotta admit the thought of a new Souls game every year sounds good to me. Or just an ongoing game where there is large DLC/game changes made once or twice a year that bring a lot new to the table.

s1rnem1185d ago

That's fine with me. It's not like I'll be forced to buy it if it were to become mediocre.

Geekman1185d ago

This is actually how I feel about most yearly releases.

Jughead34161185d ago

Dark Souls 2 wasn't a disappointment. It's one of the best games from last gen. We're only on the 3rd Dark Souls game. We don't get a Dark Souls every year. This franchise is in no way comparable to Call of Duty.

Blastoise1185d ago

It's not call of duty yet. I'm still hyped for these games. I'm gonna buy Dark Souls 3 and I'm gonna buy the Bloodborne expansion, but I hope they don't start to launch one every year.

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The story is too old to be commented.