How Was Sony's TGS Conference? - Podcast Beyond

A PS4 price drop in Japan, a new name for Project Morpheus, and -- oh yeah: games.

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AutoCad1186d ago

hmm didnt even know this happened..anything for the us?

Genuine-User1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

'Tokyo' Game Show...

nucky641185d ago

well, I'm in the us and I'm stoked for bloodborne expansion and hotshots golfs course creator!

Spotie1185d ago

With a region free console, every game is for the US.

BitbyDeath1185d ago

- Vita Means Life
- Bloodborne: The Old Hunters, Expansion on 9/24/2015
- Bloodborne LTD Sales: 2 Million
- Minna no Golf, 2016
- Uncharted 4, Global Worldwide Launch
- Gravity Daze for PS4 on 12/10/2015
- Gravity Daze 2 for PS4 in 2016
- Vita is Dead
- Some Ubeyesoft titles
- Yakuza Remake, 1/21/2016 for PS3/PS4 (includes demo of Yakuza 6)
- Yakuza 6 for PS4, Fall 2016
- King of Fighters XIV for PS4
- One Piece: Burning Blood for PS4/Vita
- Gundam Extreme Vs-Force for Vita
- Toukiden Kiwami 2 for PS4/PS3/Vita in 2016
- Nioh for PS4 in 2016
- Star Ocean 5 for PS3/PS4 on 2/25/2016
- SaGa Scarlet Grace for Vita, 2016
- Vita means Life
- Kingdom Hearts HD II.8 Final Chapter Prologue, PS4 (Yes, that's the real name)
- Project Setsuna, PS4/Vita in 2016
- Biohazard Umbrella Corps for PC/PS4 in 2016
- Exist Archive on 12/17/2015
- 13 Sentinels for PS4/Vita
- Danganronpa 3 for PS4/Vita
- Dragon Quest Builders is a new genre. Trust me, I'm an expert. Releases on 1/28/2016
- A small indie title called Call of Duty Black Ops 3 will be launching soon apparently
- HDD Plates and new colors for the DS4
- *in an excited voice* PS NOW!!
- Morpheus's official name is Playstation VR. Killer app is Summer Lessons, which makes you the shy anime fan you always wanted to be.
- FFXIV has VR support
- Price drop to 34,980

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_-EDMIX-_1186d ago

old crew not there......won't listen lol

HentaiMasterRace1186d ago

Yeah it still feels weird without them.

Justiceleague1186d ago

Sounds like they like it!!

gamer78041186d ago

i love japanese games, but i don't get too excited about the show because we never know if some titles are going to come to the west or not

_-EDMIX-_1186d ago

Lots of the titles shown have a history of coming to the west, all but just a very few. That gundam game may not, but most shown likely will and have a history of coming here.

Gravity Rush did
King Of Fighters likely will
13 Sentinel Aegis Rim very likely will as Odin Sphere and Dragons Crown did.
World of FF is very likely coming to the west
Tokyo RPG factory's new IP is likely coming here too as it was announced at E3 clearly for a reason
Most DQ's come to the west
and many more. I would say MOST of what was shown is coming to the west, not likely Yakuza 6 or 1 Remake, but who knows, 5 is coming to the west.

gamer78041185d ago

its safe to say sequels will come but we won't know 100% sure. in fact gravity rush's sequel is not coming to vita. only ps4. I just don't want to be excited about a title to find out i can't play it.

TomatoDragon1186d ago

Was epic.
Tons of announcements and games...and Bloodborne dlc!

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