The Wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 is Getting Ridiculous

Square Enix is like that one friend who has no concept of time; they tell you they will be at your house in an hour and you don’t see them until four hours later, except in this case hours are turning into decades.

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ValKilmer1186d ago

I feel like Ultimate Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue V2 Ultimax EX Vs. is just a giant middle finger to fans.

Snookies121186d ago

Why? We needed Dream Drop Distance, there's no doubt about that. I would have thought it would be a standalone download. This way, we get Kingdom Hearts X's story. So we don't have to play the phone game if we don't want to. Not to mention, being able to see what happens after Birth by Sleep, in what looks to be Kingdom Hearts 3's engine. I couldn't be happier with this collection. It's just the thing the series needs to tie up loose ends before 3 arrives.

Besides, 3 hasn't been in development for that long. It's nowhere near FF XV's lengthy development.

ValKilmer1186d ago

Why not make DDD a pre-order bonus? We've had the game for years already, it's not like we *needed* a PS4 port.

Plus spacing out these HD remakes is just trying to feed off of the rabid hype for KHIII.

Abash1186d ago


We did need a PS4 remaster, Dream Drop Distance is hugely important to the events of KHIII. It also has a new episode with Aqua built on the KHIII engine.

I also want to point out that KHIII was announced 2 years ago, and Kingdom Hearts II took nearly 4 years to release back on PS2. SE takes time with their games as it is so Im glad they aren't rushing out KHIII because they chose to announce it early

_-EDMIX-_1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

@Kilmer- "Plus spacing out these HD remakes is just trying to feed off of the rabid hype for KHIII"

Oh so business? You forget gaming was just that? Who is forcing you to buy it? What rights did they violate? Sooo don't make money to fund the very expensive KH3?

...sure bud. You really only need to play I would say Birth By Sleep to get caught up with what is happening in the world, but many say DDD is pretty deep too.

I'm sorry but those ports still cost them money and DDD HD is actually completely redone in a new engine and everything......that wasn't cheap.

Give it for free? WHY? LMFAO! At least have a real solid business reason why it should be free.

Stop adding personal wants with business concepts.

Is it wrong because its bad business or because you don't want to pay for stuff? Elaborate.

This idea that they are trying to um "feed off of" anyone doesn't really make sense as yes.....that is the concept of business for them to give fans actual products in return for money.

Your not forced to buy it and they don't work for you, so why is it some negate attitude that they made HD versions of those games? I really think they are using gamers? As if gamers are not giving them anything in return for this? Its a simple business deal, they make product, you give money. You don't need to buy those HD remakes..., but they need to make them to make money to fund something like KH3.

" We've had the game for years already, it's not like we *needed* a PS4 port"

is also so damn ignorant btw. Who is "we"? You personally know all 25 million PS4 owners played this game on 3DS? I know that for a solid fact?

They make the port based on not everyone one who wants it will own that platform...thus...a demand exist. They will make money, fans will get to play a KH they likely never played, the reality is...for most buying it, it may very well be new to them. Sorry you don't get that concept.

James-GAMES1185d ago

I disagree. Keep in mind this will be the last collection before KH3. Square in the past said they want to release a KH every year so KH3 will probably out in 2017. Also keep in mind these games are important for explaining the complicated story between KH2 and 3. Lastly, Square is making a new KH game(with KH3 engine) that will connect the story into KH3. So to write that it's middle finger to fans is crazy. I know people are growing impatient, but the game will be here eventually.

Magicite1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

I still dont understand why KH3 is coming to X1, when you need to play soon 9 games to understand whole story and they all can be played only on PS3+PS4.

Neonridr1186d ago

Give me Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 super duper HD version on the PS4 and that will tide me over until 3 drops.

scark921186d ago

I know right! Like.. I will give them money.. Do they want money or naahh?

-Foxtrot1186d ago

I'll wait for Kingdom Hearts 2.9...I'm not stupid, it'll be announced shortly before KH3 gets a set in stone release date.

It will feature everything from all past HD games

smashman981186d ago

I think your right you silly little dancing fox

_-EDMIX-_1186d ago

Agreed. Very much could happen. I'm still getting the PS3 HD versions as I'm not sure a PS4 version will be all that different.

Look at FFX and X-2 on PS4. Its a pretty bad port and its not even that much of a visual upgrade from the PS3 version.

Though I know its very likely we will get the collection on PS4, I'm still going to get the PS3 version.

I'll get 2.8 when it comes out even knowing a 2.9 likely will come out (I don't know if I trust them with a PS4 port at this point lol, they messed up FFX pretty bad and I'm not getting the PS3 version)

_-EDMIX-_1186d ago

@Blackblade- lol, even with FFX and X-2 coming to PS4? You sure about that?

I'm pretty sure those PS3 collections will come to PS4, Square is just waiting.. I wouldn't be surprised if they have a team working on it right now.

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Blastoise1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

Only Square Enix could take characters like Aladdin and Tarzan and make the most confusing story ever

Harkins17211186d ago

Pay attention to it then.

DiscoKid1186d ago

It's not confusing. Elaborate, but it's understandable.

trenso11185d ago

If you took the time to actually understand it instead of just calling it confusing you might actually get the story.

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Gardenia1186d ago

Square-Enix is not going to release Kingdom Hearts 3 before or shortly after FFXV. Both are big titles and they will get in the way of each other if they release one right after the other

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