How Nintendo Saved Platformers in the Seventh Generation

NE: "Any gamer who was playing in the 80s or 90s is aware of the fluctuating state of platformers as a mainstream genre. After Super Mario Bros. redefined gaming in the third generation, platformers became the dominant genre on consoles. Super Mario 64 gave platformers a huge presence in early 3D gaming in the fifth generation, but something started to go wrong for the genre shortly after. Platformers began to shrink in prominence in the late fifth generation, and things got worse in the sixth generation. By the start of the seventh generation, things looked bleak for the genre that had once ruled gaming. What exactly led to this is a complex issue that would take its own article to detail, but I want to focus on what happened next."

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PhoenixUp1186d ago

Wtf the platforming genre was still going strong in the sixth gen thanks to the likes of Super Mario Sunshine, Jak and Daxter series, Ratchet & Clank seriws, and Sly Cooper series. It wasn't in a state of dying and we got plenty of non-Nintendo platformers all throughout the seventh gen.

BoNeSaW231186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

I'm confused also. When were platformers ever in a shortage? And Nintendo the savior of the genre!? LOL!

_-EDMIX-_1186d ago

Agreed. They actually put how few compared to other publishers. Mario is the only major one that they release, I was even surprised to see DK returns done!

Galaxy imho is a step down in the Mario series as they made the controls so simplistic that is not even as rewarding performing what use to be complex movements.

Lots of the challenge is gone.

Example....wall jumping is now just 1 button movement..

If anything I would say other companies too the platforming genre to greater heights then Nintendo, look at Super Meat Boy. The challenge I felt in that game, was equal to what i used to feel from past Mario Games..

3-4-51186d ago

Nintendo's always been responsible for progressing platformers in every gen, but there have also been others as well.

In the past 3-4 years it's been a lot of indies that have lead the way along with Mario games as well.

wonderfulmonkeyman1186d ago

You'd have a better point with Sly, but R&C and J&D are both more about the shooting and missions than the platforming.[this, btw, is coming from a fan who's owned all of them aside from the PS4 and handheld versions.]

Darkfist1185d ago

i agree with J&D, but R&C is still a platformer since you run and jump throughout each planet to explore and collect, while shooting enemies.

captainexplosion1186d ago

During the PS2/xbox/GC era Sony was the company releasing the superior platformers. Up Your Arsenal is still my favorite game. The GC was not a good console for platformers. Only good platformers Nintendo has made in the last 5 years is Mario 3D Land and World.

_-EDMIX-_1186d ago

Agreed. Sunshine is the last great platformer by them.

RalphBlutawn1186d ago

I disagree heavily Galaxy 1 and 2 were both fantastic.

_-EDMIX-_1186d ago

@Ralph- you mean easy and simplified?

"Super Mario Sunshine:
A) [Normal Camera] - Camera panned keeping Mario's position in the center of the screen.
B) C-Stick Left + Right [Directional Camera Control] - Camera can be adjusted to rotate left or right
C) C-Stick Up + Down [Directional Camera Control] - Camera zooms in pointing straight ahead (upward angle while ascending with wall jumps) or zooms out angled downwards
D) Y-Button [Shoulder Camera] - Mario locks in place and the camera is fixed over-the-shoulder.
E) L-Button (Slight Pressure) - Camera tracking of Mario increases to align behind him.
F) L-Button (Full Pressure) - Camera will snap behind Mario

Super Mario Galaxy:
A) [Normal Camera] - Camera will track Mario somewhat.
B) D-Pad Left + Right [Directional Camera Control] - Camera can be adjusted to rotate left or right
C) D-Pad Up [First Person Camera] - Camera will zoom into first person mode
D) C-Button [Directional Camera Control] - Camera will snap behind Mario"

Only the um.."casuals" don't notice those changes. The hardcore very much do and its a huge turn off. I'm not a fan of simplifying controls for kiddies...

1 and 2 are the weakest imho in the whole series. From complex and challenging, to easy cake walks...

I blow past Galaxy 1 and never even wasted time with 2 as 2 was just as simplified in controls as 1 was. They nerfed that series for the mainstream for sales. Why change such a formula? Guess those Wii fans made the change their minds...

I don't even know if I'll ever buy another one of their Mario platformers until those features return. I buy based on gameplay, not based on IP. I don't care that Mario is on the cover, Nintendo is publishing and its has all its fancy music....

Doesn't play like Mario...its simply just a name to me. I here to play it, if its not like the others, I'll pass until it is. They bring that complexity and challenge back, I'll return. Super Meat Boy has that platforming crown now lol

CrowbaitBob1185d ago


Actually I think he means they were both fantastic.

_-EDMIX-_1185d ago

...probably. His nasty casual kind are bad for the industry!

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Picnic1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

As Rare moved to Xbox and Sega became multiformat, Gamecube platformers increased in variety , sometimes in a more 2.5D style. Viewtiful Joe, Billy Hatcher and the giant egg, Metroid Prime in part, Rayman 3, Paper Mario in part, Wind Waker in part, Sonic Adventure 2, even Super Monkey Ball. And Luigi's Mansion was like a platform game in theme (plus a touch of Resident Evil] .Also Resi4 had some platforming. Apart from Prince of Persia, resurrected for 128bit consoles, it took the PS3 era of downloadable games to start to return to spiritual or actual successors of 16bit games and before.

1186d ago
user89668281186d ago

@edmix you say there not good because of challenge and complexity yet Mario64 one of the best Mario games is also one of the easiest and simplest Mario games out there Mario world another one of the greats yet also one of the easiest I'm sorry but challenge should not be why or how you should classify a Mario game because the majority of them are simple and easy Mario lost levels is the most challenging out of all of them Mario 3 has some challenge to it and yes Mario galaxy was easy but it had a few levels that were more challenging than the entire game of Mario 64 and galaxy 2 increased the difficulty plus the galaxy games had some of the best music out of all Mario games and just to clarify I'm not a galaxy fanboy my favorite Mario games are world, 3, 64, and sunshine and I'm sorry but the reasons you say are just poor reasons