GamesBeat: Forza Motorsport 6 is the new king of console racing sims

Games often do this thing where they make you love a subject that you previously didn’t care as much about.

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Trekster_Gamer1184d ago

It's been King for a long time....

reallyNow1184d ago

Still hasn't become a sim. It's a fun racing game. Leave it as there. The only reason some call it a sim is because reviewers like to try to compare it to Gran Turismo, which is a driving sim.

shloobmm31184d ago

or because real race car drivers run there same lap times in Forza as they do in real life and they claim it has the most realistic and precise physics in a racing game. I think what you meant was Forza is a racing simulator while yes Gran turismo is simply a driving simulator.

Kiwi661184d ago

How about you play forza without assists and then tell me it isn't a sim

reallyNow1184d ago

If an astronaut plays space invaders, does it make it a NASA sim? Use your thoughts.

Dread1184d ago


gran tourismo is NOT nasa

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GreenUp1184d ago

I prefer Forza over GT. I love the Corrado VR6. :)

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