Destiny: The Taken King Kicks Ass So Far

Jason Schreier:

"When Destiny first launched, it was a half-baked, punishing game with the barest hint of a story, delivered through crummy dialogue and repetitive missions that tasked you with shooting endless waves of enemies. One year later, everything’s changed."

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SabreMan1189d ago

I'm loving it, got my Hunter up to light level 270 so far, did my first nightfall last night which was epic. I got a legendary artefact to do the level 300 boss on Court of Oryx as a reward.
I'm currently scouring the Dreadnought for the flakes to get my sword. Anyone who has left Destiny or not played it yet, now is the time to jump in its fantastic.

Aceman181189d ago

Loving it also too much fun.

n4rc1189d ago

got my sword.. still only about 200 light tho..

crazy how many quests and little puzzles there are.. think by this time i was already bored of HOW...

dont think ill even by ready for the raid friday...

Manubiggs1189d ago

I left Destiny about a year ago when all my buddies were shooting at the lootcave for hours - I just got disgusted and never picked it up again until the recent 2.0 update. Loved the update - and got TTK on Tuesday and I can't stop. This is the game I wanted last year. I havent even started the taken king content(still have to finish House of Wolves first and finally play a raid) but I am hooked.

spoonard1189d ago

I'm lovin' it so far! I just completed the story missions and one of the new strikes (which was awesome by the way!)

n4rc1188d ago

I forget the name.. But the one in the dark with the knight was insanely fun..

Great changes to encounters.. Actually fun now instead of a task to a reward

il-JumperMT1189d ago

I never played Destiny am I at a disadvantage if I buy it now?

Elda1189d ago

No!...dive right on in!

n4rc1189d ago

you are actually in a better position.. no wasting time on all the currencies that are now gone and leveling is much easier... hell they give you an instant buff to lvl25! lol

HxCGamer1188d ago

yes but its's so much better to start from the beginning. I just bought it on Tuesday and used the item to level up to 25, but then I just created a separate character and in a matter of hours I'm level 18 alll by meeeeself.

Plus, if you do the early levels with leve 25, they are such a joke.

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