PS4 Exclusive NiOh’s First Screenshots and Artwork Revealed by Famitsu

The latest issue of the Japanese Magazine Weekly Famitsu had an article on the newly re-revealed NiOh, that looked definitely charming at Sony’s TGS press conference.

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ecchiless1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

Bubble for you, just cause of the Don Ramon pic/avatar!!!

OT Looks pretty good, those graphics...

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

Really? It looks like a ps3 game. Does look fun from the trailer though.

ecchiless1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

Well im a sucker for anything related to samurais and demons gals... so im biased on this one.

Lordani661101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

@Sharingan - Watch this video and tell me it looks like a PS3 game -.-

Army_of_Darkness1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

Looks awesome as F$#K!
reminds me of omnimusha :-) and judging from the bosses and dark environments it looks like it will have horror elements to it as well! yeeeeaaah!

DarXyde1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

After watching the video in Lordani66's link, I have to say that it looks like Onimusha, a Souls game and a hint of Ninja Gaiden.


EDIT: it does not look like a PS3 game. Stop that. And if it looks like a PS3.5 game, it still looks better than a PS3 game. All things considered, the game is not finished and we really don't know Howe much odd going on in the game. I would say it looks like great fun, and that's all that matters.

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blackblades1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

Wow that guy up there with the lame unexpiring naruto name so mad it's sad.

Germany71101d ago

Seu Madruga, our hero.
I'm really hyped for the game too.

fermcr1101d ago

Curious about this game.

Andreas-Sword1101d ago

I am an Onimusha fan. And I will buy NiOH day 1!
I think, this game will be one of the best Samurai games for the PS4!

RyuCloudStrife1101d ago

Epic avatar Don Ramon!!

OT: Looks good, me like.

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TheOneWhoIsTornApart1101d ago

So freaking excited for this. This is the love child of Tenchu, Onimusha, Bloodborne, and Ninja Gaiden which means that this is gonna be a great freaking game.

DragonDDark1101d ago

& Tenchu x Bloodborne. (Maybe witcher too) xD

ShellB1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

Collectors edition with art book, Steelbook and Oni Statue? Yes please!

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