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The newest expansion for Bungie's Destiny completely revamps the game we knew a year ago. What's new about it? Check out the full review of Destiny: The Taken King.

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rbailey1185d ago

I just picked up the Legendary Edition of Destiny yesterday but still haven't had time to play yet.One of my biggest issues with the game came from it's lack of storytelling.After reading this, it sounds like the game is improving for the better and I'm definitely looking forward to jumping back into the series later this week.

Venomousfatman1185d ago

Yeah, there was a lot that Bungie changed up based on everyone's feedback. They really worked on this over the last year with all of the updates. Everyone is really actively playing it now, even after a year from its original release.

pompombrum1184d ago

There is more of a story in the first 20-30 minutes of TTK than in the whole of the original Destiny game. Storytelling is hands down the biggest difference in TTK for me, they really stepped up their game and delivered in this respect.

kbozz711184d ago

Not only the story, but the npc's are now alive I guess would be a good way to put it. The new areas are also gorgeous as well. Did not expect such huge environments.

3-4-51184d ago

It's lack of story telling + the story they tell is boring and isn't told very well, nor is it interesting or entertaining.

It's bland and generic and kind of cringeworthy in a way that made me not even care about story mode any more.

The Crucible...the multiplayer in Destiny has the best mechanics and controls in any FPS game ever.

It just does. It's solid and works well and is fun to play.

I returned destiny a few weeks ago but I'll be back eventually, I just needed a good 1-1.5 year break from that world.

Whatever this is + whatever they add or build to it, I'll eventually get to play once I rejoin again for Year 3.

By then, it will feel different enough for me to actively want to play it again.

Destiny = awesome series with amazing gameplay, that I couldn't stay into because of lack of caring about anything within the game really.

I really Hope this does well though.

Ozmoses1184d ago

Quick question...

Did anyone order one of those Nepal Relief t-shirts from Bungie?

and if you did.. have you received that t-shirt yet?

The reason I ask is because tomorrow 9/18/2015 will be exactly 4 months since I ordered mine on 5/18/2015 and I still haven't gotten my freaking t-shirt yet.

Just curious if anyone else is having a similar experience.. Because Bungie sure has hell won't reply to my inquiries about my order.

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xtheownerzx1185d ago

Loving what I've played so far. There is a ton of new content in quest to keep active on one character for a very long time.

Venomousfatman1185d ago

Definitely. I have two characters right now, with a third very soon, and I've only gotten through most of the new content with my first. SO MUCH NEW STUFF.

Romudeth1185d ago

I'm done with Destiny but it's cool that Activision is keeping it going and giving fans new content.

scientificreasoning1184d ago

your loss taken king is bungie hitting their stride.

StrayaKNT1184d ago

Not really, its still by far the worst bungie game and I'm sure all fans of bungie have lost hope in them after this game.

DeadlyOreo1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

^ erm Halo Wars says hi.

Allsystemgamer1184d ago

@deadly Oreo...

Halo wars was ensemble studios...not bungie...

BABY-JEDI1184d ago

I understand your opinion. I feel the same. Completely short changed on the original Destiny package. Given time & more development, maybe I will give it another shot.

Neonridr1184d ago

It is definitely fresh after playing the same things over and over again for the past couple of months. The real question is how long once we have completed all the core content will the remaining stuff keep our interest. If we have to deal with this for 6 months before the next expansion releases, there might be some problems.

ninsigma1184d ago

I'd like if they could release smaller expansions for cheaper more often than having to wait a long time for the next one and keep the whole thing alive.

Neonridr1184d ago

yeah, well the Dark Below and House of Wolves were sort of like that, but even those had way too long between releases. I mean one could only do Crota and the Vault so much.

Similarly with this one, once the story missions are done, will the new raid and the strike be enough to keep our interest for the next several months? Only time will tell I guess.

But they are definitely improving the game, which is all we can ask for at this point.

ninsigma1184d ago

I didn't play the previous two expansions until yesterday and today and they were not worth the money on there imo. If they were to release as much content as that per expansion going forward but cheaper and more often it wouldn't be a bad thing.

Yeah it's going to become the same again doing same things over but the game is fun and I don't mind. Still need to get me a team goin!!
Hopefully they'll release expansions more often going forward.

And yeah totally agree, game is hugely better. The drop rate alone is was worth jumping back in for xD

Sevir1184d ago

Well we'll have another small scale DLC in Dec, and then in May and another major overhaul Next September.

Venomousfatman1184d ago

More updates and changes is a great thing as time goes on. Shows their ear to the community of people playing their game and their attention to detail as we move into Year 2 and eventually Year 3.

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