ORBIT release dates for Xbox One and PC confirmed

Neil writes "It was a good six months ago that we were able to tell you that ORBIT would be making it’s way to Xbox One and PC. Well, now we have a release date to share with you…and you won’t be waiting very long at all!"

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oKidUKo1185d ago

It looks like a dubstep mashup of Geo Wars and Boom Boom Rocket!

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Kingdomcome2471184d ago

It looks like insane fun. :)

FlexLuger1184d ago

I jus love these bite sized games. Its a nice little diversion from our big boy exclusives and third party AAAs. I can dig it.

Kingdomcome2471184d ago

I've recently started to enjoy the episodic and smaller games as well. It's nice to just hop on for a few minutes with some of these smaller titles as a change of pace. Unfortunately all of my gaming stuff was pilfered, so I won't be playing anything until the police recover my items, or payday. Preferably the former.

FlexLuger1184d ago

Bloody theives. Hopefully you get your stuff back ASAP. And hopefully they get what is coming to them. You work hard for your stuff and some buster is always out to try and steal what aint theirs. Rats. As a fellow gamer, I feel it for you, my dude.

Im glad I have my home insurance up to date, but you know how it is with limited edition or valuable items. Sometimes they cannot be replaced even if you have the money, because they are not available anymore.

Automatic791184d ago

@Kingdom a few years back I had the same happen to me. I feel your pain. Don't worry you will get it all back plus more.

Kingdomcome2471184d ago

Now is the one time that I wish that I'd gone strictly digital. Even if I end up having to buy a new console my games would still be tied to my profile. :( This is devestating. Thanks for the kind words, and well wishes, guys.

Automatic791184d ago

Games that were fun in between transitions like Rogue Galaxy, Shovel Knight and Blues and Bullets provided diversity and solid play through's.

FlexLuger1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

while we are on the subject, I highly reccomend lifeless planet, nero, another world, strider, supertimeforce, velocity, abe's odd N tasty and lovers in another time space. Cracking games that can be had pretty cheap. And I should not even have to recommend ori! that games is one of the best games this year, PERIOD!

And Every Xbox gamer SHOULD own trial evolution and geometry wars..these games were the original stars of XBLA! I bought both as soon as I set my xbox up. Every TRUE xbox fan should have those two. No excuses!

Kingdomcome2471184d ago

Ori was absolutely magical, and easily a favorite of mine this year. I had just recently purchased Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime prior to the break-in, and it was shaping up to be quite the gem!

Automatic791184d ago

Those are some great recommendations. Thank you Flex will look into the titles you recommend.