Dying Light on PS4/XO reaches its lowest price yet

Dealspwn: Rakuten's latest voucher code has given current-gen owners the cheapest deal we've seen for Dying Light, beating the next best deals by some margin. That said, if you're still not sure whether to buy it you can now download a co-op enabled demo direct from Xbox Live & PSN to help make your mind up.

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2pacalypsenow1183d ago

The game is awesome but after finishing the first town , I got burned out

Kingdomcome2471183d ago

You missed the best part then. The second location, Old town, is amazing. With the verticality and the grappling hook it's almost like a brand new game.

SolidGear31183d ago

Just ordered this from Gamefly for $18 with free shipping :3

gangsta_red1183d ago

Excellent game, I recommend this to anyone who loves zombies as well as open world environments. Also you can play multiplayer with friends which makes this even more fun.

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