Ghibli Art Style Meets Independent Development

Alex from GamersFTW writes:

“Boasting beautiful worlds and cutesy characters, the real selling point of Talewind will be its ‘hand painted Ghibli style’ and its addictive platforming elements.”

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Yukes1186d ago

You had me at Ghibli art-style. Looks stunning - hope the gameplay can live up to its aesthetics.

c00lvilKid691186d ago

Yeah, they’re playing a dangerous game if they don’t live up to the aesthetics. They’re going to be facing a tough crowd, I feel =P

Maple221186d ago

Yes, Ghibli is always a great way to go. Hopefully it won't disappoint those expecting it to look fantastic.

GamerGabs1186d ago

Love Ghibli so I'm really excited for this, it looks fantastic. The story sounds adorable as well.

c00lvilKid691186d ago

Yeah, I’m really intrigued about the story actually!

cynicgamer1186d ago

Ghibli + Game = Awesome. Hopefully a match made in heaven

c00lvilKid691186d ago

If you haven’t played Ni no Kuni, it’s definitely worth dusting the PS3 off for a play through!

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The story is too old to be commented.