Just Cause 3 TGS 2015 Trailer Blows Sh*t Up

Here’s a new trailer for Avalanche’s upcoming open-world actioner, Just Cause 3. It’s short but well sweet, mate. Debuting during Square Enix’s Tokyo Game Show press conference, the trailer clocks in at just 37 seconds, but manages to pack in more explosions, gravity defying stunts and balls-to-the-wall action than gameplay vids clocking in at an hour long. Give the trailer a watch below. Just Cause 3 is out on December 1st.

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Forn1190d ago

This looks like some crazy good fun. Can't wait.

Magicite1189d ago

Loved JC2 and gonna love this one even more!

corroios1189d ago

Here we go on a massive city destruction all the way. Nothing can stop him, lol.

TRU3_GAM3R1189d ago

and no need for cloud computing like in crackdown 3.

Septic1189d ago

Lmao yes...because the two are comparable.

Silly post :P

corroios1189d ago

Yeah, is blowing up everything, but why, Lol, why does he need to destroy everything.


Definitely not even on the same scale as CD3 lol... But Im more excited for JC3 overall!

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