Why Bethesda didn’t reveal Fallout 4 at E3 2014

In gaming nowadays, we usually see games get revealed months and often times, years before they even see the light of day in a retail store. It can be a rare thing when we see a major game announced and then released within fewer than six months, but that is what we could be looking at for Fallout 4.

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fattyuk1190d ago

Because there clever,

Because the longer a game has been revealed for - the more people expect from it!

ninsigma1190d ago

Or ultimately not bother with it. I'm looking at you division!

1190d ago
demonddel1190d ago

Um because they didn't want to that was easy gosh

MysticStrummer1190d ago

I'm glad we could get this burning question answered.

StrayaKNT1190d ago

Because it wasn't ready to be revealed? Lol

fattyuk1190d ago

what games are these days though?

Wolfgang1871190d ago

Because they're Bethesda and they're awesome. To come out and drop a giant ass game like Fallout 4 and then to add, "Oh, by the way, it's coming out THIS year" then on top of it to showcase that epic pip boy edition is simply awesome. I'm tired of hearing about the big games coming out years in advance.

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