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It’s evident Bungie has been listening to fan feedback this last year and has worked hard to reinvent Destiny. The story is presented better than ever, the new subclasses offer different playstyles and draw players together, and the grind is alleviated thanks to a plethora of post-game missions and the Dreadnaught patrol zone. We haven’t played the raid and are choosing to judge Destiny on the content that will be delivered to players on day one, but we have incredibly high hopes given everything we’ve seen so far. If you are a new, returning, or current player in Destiny, the Taken King is absolutely worth checking out.

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WildArmed1182d ago

As a player that has been complaining about destiny for almost an year, I'm pretty happy with this expansion.

Though it seems that content is still locked behind the elusive 'light level'. But th drop rate is much higher, and there is a lot of great ways to progress than just relying on the awful RNG system bungie loved to use.

ninsigma1182d ago

Drop rate is so much better I noticed it instantly. It's really weird swapping my legendary gear for uncommon items lol

ninsigma1182d ago

Glad it's getting good reviews! Haven't gotten into the taken king content yet because I still had the dark below and house of wolves expansions to get through. Got dark below done and think I'm most way through how. All I can see is I'm glad I didn't buy these expansions when they released. The content (especially the dark below) was extremely lacking and not worth the 20 euro it would have cost. But now that I got it with ttk it's worth it a lot more and am enjoying my time with it.

Sevir1182d ago

It's absolutely fantastic.