Customizable Creatures in Pokemon Z?

Customizable Pokemon are something that many of us have long dreamed of, now there is every possibility that they are about to happen.

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-Foxtrot1185d ago

If that bond thing with Ash in the series is real then you could point out why Pikachu didn't get any special transformation as he's been with Ash since the very start

CyanocittaCristata1185d ago

Very true, I guess Pikachu is just a bit too vital to the anime to mess around with so drastically

DarkBlood1185d ago

Because the idea wasnt present till now?

CyanocittaCristata1184d ago

Doesn't mean they can't go back and change an older Pokemon - as discussed in the article - they were fine with making a Cosplay Pikachu.

I just think, in the case of the anime, they would worry about changing a staple character so much. At least if people don't like the Ash-Greninja, he'll be forgotten about pretty quickly