A look at Walmart's Star Wars: Battlefront Deluxe Edition with Han Solo Fridge Bundle

A look at Walmart's upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront Deluxe Edition with Han Solo Fridge Bundle.

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SaveFerris1157d ago

This is going to sell out really fast like the COD fridge bundle.

fattyuk1157d ago

yeah then people will be buying selling them for crazy prices for a few months, and then 6 months time theyll all loose there value :D

Dragonking0071157d ago

There was only two copies of fridge at gamestop I dont even know why they showed it off tried purchasing it no luck for the black ops 3 fridge edition

RosweeSon1157d ago

Yeah this ones actually good ;)

neocores1157d ago

Wish i could pre-order and pay the day it comes out:/

CyrusLemont1157d ago

Are you kidding me? Why does Walmart alone get this bundle? I preordered the game months ago at Eb in Australia so my deposit would rollover to the best collector's edition and only a store in America is getting it? Really disappointed with this kind of marketing. Makes me want to cancel and just torrent these games.

Crazay1157d ago

You know... I appreciate the effort on this one. I really do but 6 cans? Are you kidding me? That's idiotic.

TheCommentator1157d ago

Great place to keep your carbonited beverages chilled! ;b