Mad Max Visual Analysis: PC vs. PS4 vs. Xbox One

The wasteland has never looked better, no matter which platform you experience Mad Max on.

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JJShredder1157d ago

All I know is that is looks and runs fantastic on my PC without issues. There was some worry with it being Warner Bros but Avalanche are the Just Cause guys who released a good port with Just Cause 2 on PC.

Super cheap as well! I only had to pay less than $30 for it.

Hoffmann1157d ago

Pro Tip: The PC version is the best looking one if you have a powerful PC.

FlexLuger1157d ago

Pro tip? or stating the obvious?

Hoffmann1157d ago

Both :-)

My comment was a joke about the very old "pro tip: hit it till it dies" about battling the Cyberdemon in the classic doom

FlexLuger1157d ago

AH! lol! gotta love doom!