Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice moves to 2016

Sega Blog:
Alright, classy people – today we’ve got some news for you. Some of you might initially see it as a negative, but I’m here to tell you why it’s a good thing.

The team at SEGA has decided to delay the release date of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, which we announced for Nintendo 3DS earlier this year. In order to make sure the game has the time and polish needed, we’re moving it out into 2016. No exact window from us, just yet – it’ll be ready when it’s ready!

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AizenSosuke1159d ago

Good job Sega being smart after 2014's Sonic Boom fiasco!

donwel1159d ago

Yeah, I was thinking that they probably should have considered that for Sonic Boom on Wii U. From what I hear that game was dire.

FallenAngel19841159d ago

Finally SEGA is showing some concern for the quality of the Sonic Boom games, I'm still not interested and would rather have a new mainline series installment instead

Runechaz1159d ago

Cause these days (last 10 year) Sega and quality game don't go together.

G20WLY1159d ago

Maybe not for Sonic games, but Yakuza (for example) is amazing!

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1159d ago

They was serious with Sonic Colors and that game was amazing.

UltraGamer661158d ago

*Ahem* Alien Isolation. That is all.

donwel1158d ago

The did buy Atlus not too long ago so, technically speaking, any Atlus games that have come out since the buyout have been Sega games. Including Persona 5 when it gets released.

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Relientk771159d ago

Quality reasons haha that killed me

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