Not all of Forza Motorsport 6 Tracks Offer Night and Wet Weather Racing - Track Details

A list of what tracks can be raced in the rain and at night in Turn 10's Forza Motorsport 6 on Xbox One.

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sammarshall1021161d ago

This has been known for a while now

There's still 26 different locales though

bunt-custardly1161d ago

Sorry I'll delete the submission then. I didn't realise it was well known which tracks specifically you could race on in the rain and at night.

1161d ago
Charybdis1161d ago

It has been known but this is a good list of the tracks. Also its relevant information which should be available for those who might have missed it so thumbs up.

medman1161d ago

I didn't know, but then again while I like Forza I don't own an xbox one so I guess I wouldn't know.

Rookie_Monster1161d ago

I dont expect it to rain in places like Dubai so no...not all the tracks should offer wet weather or day/night racing in a simulation racer unlike the opened world Forza Horizon 2, in which Dynamic weather and day/night cycle play an important role to a better gameplay experience.

bunt-custardly1161d ago

You can have day/ night and rain or dry on ANY circuit in Project CARS. Realistic or not the option is there because those effects are dynamically rendered in real time.

1161d ago
bunt-custardly1161d ago

I'm not arguing on which is the better game, just stating a fact - that goes to the phantom disagree.

I'll openly disagree with you though Infected. There was something special about racing in PCARS during the evening, then it switching to night (during the race) and then rain appearing half way through and then clearing by the end of the race. This was a much touted feature in Forza Horizon 2 not sure why you want to play this feature down just because it's not in Forza 6.


I would rather have 60fps with more cars and tracks than dynamic weather. I am cool with the sacrifices and additions turn 10 has made for Forza.

TKCMuzzer1161d ago

@the infected
Your point only highlights that technically they probably couldn't do dynamic night cycles and keep performance in Forza 6. And on a second note, if they were focusing on gameplay surely they would be looking at putting as many realistic driving experiences into the game, you know like driving at different times of day that change and with changeable weather.

Bigpappy1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

Dude... why are you pushing PC so hard. We already seen and played that. Forza is focused of keeping a steady 60FPS on X1 while delivering features and physics that realistically affect your driving. These things you mention are cool to look at, but if they can do the effects in some circuits, they can obviously do the same in others if they choose to. But what they deliver here is far and away superior to the PC offering on X1. These races are in no way long enough to demand a day/night cycle. An opened world game like Horizon make a lot mores sense.

You can point out bells and whistles that FM6 do not have, but what it does have, is 460 cars with impeccable handling, modifications, 24 cars MP, all at ROCK SOLID 60fps. No other racer on any console can beat or match that my friend. So why not go to those other racers and cry about that?

Rookie_Monster1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )


But for a sim racer, locked 60fps, #of cars on track, physics are more important to a real sim feel race than sacrificing those resources to get things like dynamic weather.

You said: "This was a much touted feature in Forza Horizon 2 not sure why you want to play this feature down just because it's not in Forza 6."

LoL, that is why the opened world Forza Horizon 2 is locked at 30fps as it is a compromised just like the 60fps of the Forza Motorsports series need to implement a new scheme to get wet weather in the latest game and dynamic is not an option if they want to keep the 60fps gameplay locked.

If you look at the digital foundry face off of Project Cars, then you'll know how dynamic weather can affect performance

However, as clear skies turn to rain, it becomes apparent both consoles have an Achilles heel in their handling of weather effects. The greater the downpour, the bigger the drop from 60fps, and neither gets off lightly once the switch happens mid-race. With no other driver in sight, a cruise around a soaked Brands Hatch circuit has the final bends run at 45fps on Xbox One, while PS4 takes the lower end of 50fps. And once the pit-stop and stands are in view, this number goes even lower still, where both drop to the 40-50fps range, while the cadence of tearing becomes increasingly more aggressive.

So all I am saying is it is nice Turn-10 was able to add in night racing and wet weather with 3D puddles that affect gameplay on courses they deemed should include those features while keeping a locked steady 60fps with those effects on is really well implemented instead of adding those features in dynamicly at the cost of fps dipping and tearing. Those are the comprises needed to be made on consoles still as they are no $1500 PC rig that can push boundaries.

To this end, Turn 10 made the right balance IMO for their latest console sim.

bunt-custardly1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

People accusing me of "pushing" PCARS. When it sounds like they are "pushing Forza 6" by posting long speeches. In fact are you Microsoft plants because you certainly sound like it jumping to defence when all I stated was a fact about another game.

I never said anything about which was the better game or even if it was a rival game. I never offered any opinion on Forza 6. Nothing. Yet two people here at least (and the phantom pains) are getting overly defensive over just one factual comment I made and making all sorts of assumptions about my preferences based on said comment.

Get a grip guys.

Rookie_Monster1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

@bunt ^^^

"In fact are you Microsoft plants because you certainly sound like it jumping to defence when all I stated was a fact about another game."

AND all we did was also giving you facts of why dynamic weather on a 60fps console sim don't work as opposed to other 30fps racers. There is virtually no locked 60fps racers on the console market ever in the history of console that have dynamic weather. Games like Forza Horizon 2, Driveclub are 30fps to achieved that while Project cars on consoles, like my DF examples already attested to, require frame compromises to fps in order to achieved that.

Don't know why you got so upset about your own article submission as we are just debating about it with the technical aspect of it. If Forza 6 was on a PC rig, that would be a different story just like Project Cars. No need to get all mad about it. LoL

Mrveryodd1161d ago

Why the diagree's . You are right ... Some people .;(
And I also ( after all the patches ) think project cars is by far the better simulation of what it's like to drive a car . But Forza is the better game , I know the weather is not dynamic but those puddles of standing water are brilliant in there execution .

NeoGamer2321161d ago

A realistic racing simulation should have realistic environments. Having tracks rain that do not ever get rain is completely unrealistic.

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TKCMuzzer1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

That sounds like your making an excuse for it not being in the game, there should be night/day cycle in any modern car racing game with no argument, that's what everyone shouts when other racing games are announced. I also think you will find they do get a bit of rain in Dubai, so thats a flimsy reason.

Thanks for the disagree, it would be nice to know what you disagree with.

PFFT1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

Perhaps it might be due to your negativity. Thus far all you have been doing is down playing the game or comparing it to other tiles. Who cares if those games have dynamic weather or day/night in all of their tracks. I in all honesty dont. To me if the game looks great(which it does by the way)and if it has solid consistent frame rates nothing else matters. If you dont like the game thats fine. Its your opinion in the matter. I dont like Project Cars nor Drive Club but you wont see me going around down playing those titles or bashing them. Or nit picking each and every little shortcoming the game has and trust me those titles arent without their fair share of shortcomings! Or perhaps MAYBE your hate towards the game is more on the fanboy side??? Cause thus far that seems to be the case.

TKCMuzzer1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

So because I point out something that may not be to Forza fans liking it is wrong?
I never bashed Forza or played it down, in fact I never said anything negative about the game itself just pointed out that everyone screams that dynamic day/night should be a standard but people seem to be making excuses for it's non appearance instead of just saying 'they wanted to strike the right balance technically'. Highlighting what a game is missing is not critical or fanboyism it is fact as it's missing from the game.

I commented on others comments they were making. You and many seem offended by the fact that people may point out things Forza is missing, why?

I haven't gone around bashing the game and you need to stop accusing me of doing so.

Forza may be a great game but there is no need to make up reasons for missing features, it is probably just do technical reasons, which is fine, just don't be afraid to say so.

TheUndertaker851161d ago

Expect it. Dubai does see rain. Their rainy season lasts from November through February with January and February being their wettest months.


TKCMuzzer1161d ago

Yeah but of course nobody drives cars between these months so it's realistic :s

jb2271161d ago

Certainly all locations experience the phenomena of "night time" though right? May be wrong there but it seems like this decision couldn't have been based around the realism of each setting. Only 4 tracks offer the full range of Clear/Rain/Day/Night & only 6 out of the 26 actually offer a night time setting. That's a strange decision to me, is it out of lack of development time? didn't they have 2 years to develop?

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gfk3421161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )


So not only the game does not feature dynamic day-night cycle nor dynamic weather, BUT the night and rain feature are only for SOME tracks.


And it has received high ratings.....

From 26 tracks:
- ONLY 7 can be played during rain;
- ONLY 6 during Night

christocolus1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

lol. This has been known for quite sometime now and also the reviews are highly positive cos the game is amazing. It delivers on all fronts. it has tight gameplay and features an amazing lineup of cars, tracks and all you could ask for in a racing game. Try Harder though.

gfk3421161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

Could you please tell me what Forza 6 offers more than other racing games, like Project Cars?

I can tell you what Project Cars offers more than Forza 6, namely:
- dynamic day-night cycle for ALL the tracks;
- dynamic weather for ALL the tracks;
- night racing for ANY track;
- rain effects for ANY track;
- night AND rain racing for ANY track.

Forza 6 offers LESS than Project Cars, but received BETTER ratings than Project Cars.

I ask you: Is it fair?

Ace Killa 081161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )


how many cars does project cars have in total?

How's the tuning and adjustments?

Photo mode is there right, every car game should have this.

How's the AI? Leaderboards (vs friends/world)?

If devs offer more for games than just racing tracks then they can keep fans into their games with all the extra content. Tracks and lighting is something this series is lacking, but it has more content to offer.


How about a locked frame rate????
Over 240 cars
Rain that gives you more of a realistic driving experience.

I do not own Project Cars but I know it doesn't have those things...what is more important to you?

boodi1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

@gfk342 holy shit that's a so very dumb comment from yours..

christocolus1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )


"I ask you: Is it fair?"

Wth? FM6 controls are spot on, solid 60fps across all races,drivatars, racing at nigh/rain is so much fun,over 400 cars and the puddles actually affect your car handling..i'm not going to start making a long list of FM6 features cos Ace and Melman have stated a few points already but before downplaying FM6 you should go read more about it or check out gameplay vids or even try reading those reviews properly.Its getting critical acclaim cos it's deserves the praise.

Foehammer1161d ago


"Could you please tell me what Forza 6 offers more than other racing games, like Project Cars?"

We could go into tire deformation physics and tire heat cycles but the simplest answer comes from those who review the games:


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timlot1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

Locked 1080p60fps. Only racing game on either console doing it.

TKCMuzzer1161d ago

Maybe but surely that's an easier target if you make sacrifices.

gfk3421161d ago

Playing a game with baked light and with "scripted" weather effects, like Forza 6, is not a very big deal to run at 1080p60fps.

So, please come back when Forza will do racing games with DYNAMIC day-night cycle AND with DYNAMIC weather.

Until then Forza 6 cannot even be compared with GT5 (as it can do DYNAMIC day-night cycle AND weather).

Ace Killa 081161d ago

@gfk342 also why does night driving looks less when side by side comparison.

Septic1161d ago

Here's something you don't seem to understand. Forza is better than Project Cars because its controls aren't crap? Because it runs at 1080p 60fps solidly? That its wet weather isn't just relegated to aesthetics? That it has 24 players online races? That it has customisation options galore?

It received those high marks for a reason. No conspiracy here :)

I'll make my own judgment but I know what to expect from Forza and that's quality. Its regarded as the best racing series for a reason.

gfk3421161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

I am playing Project Cars and I can tell you that after the last patches, no issues with controls.

I play Project Cars on PS4 and it runs 1080p 60fps solidly on clear day, like Forza 6.

Exactly like Forza 6, I can confirm to you that Project Cars plays at 1080p 60fps solidly on the following tracks during rain:
•Brands Hatch
•Circuit De Spa
•La Mans Circuit De La Sarthe
•Nurburgring Day
•Sebring International

There are some tracks that Project Cars has frame drops, BUthose tracks are not playable in Forza 6 during rain. So, no comparison here.

Exactly like Forza 6, I can confirm to you that Project Cars plays at 1080p 60fps solidly on the following ALL the tracks during night.

In conclusion, my point is still valid, Forza 6 received better rating but giving less than Project Cars.

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user99502791161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

Ideally I'll be doing most of my racing in the dry day when online. That or night. Wet is cool, but I think the dry track is preferable for obvious reasons.

lol @ the fake outrage. Unlike other "competing" (lol) racers, Forza 6 doesn't need to be soaking wet to be worth playing.

KionicWarlord2221161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

For people wondering why is because Turn 10 used weather and night on tracks that are raced there the most for the most realistic race conditions.

Sebring for example is raced in the rain but rarely race in rain and night at the same time.

Daytona as well as Long Beach tracks are usually raced in the day time.

Turn 10 targeted the most realism for the rain with 3d puddles and night were its pitch black and your tires lose grip more in these conditions because the tracks cooler now.

xHeavYx1161d ago

Riiiight, because giving control to the player would damage the experience. Has nothing to do with taking shortcuts to reach a certain level of detail.
Only 7 out of 26 tracks can be played with rain and only 6 during night. And you can't play at night with rain.
They may patch it one day and people will be like "oh, they are so generous, thank you Turn 10", and those will be the same people who mocked a different racer.

KionicWarlord2221161d ago

Ha...not even taking the bait there least not here.

Believe what you want though.

xHeavYx1161d ago

Bait? You mean you don't want to reply because you don't want to mess up stuff? Lol. Just funny to see the double standards

Ace Killa 081161d ago

Of course we won't want to deny them giving us the patch. What kind of gamer would? :^)

Septic1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

"oh, they are so generous, thank you Turn 10", and those will be the same people who mocked a different racer"

Uff give it a rest. You're comparing this to DC? Raise your standards.

DC didn't even have Japanese cars!
It added a replay mode later and you lot started praising them for that!
It had more tracks than cars!
The customisations on it were laughable.

And you talk about 'giving control to the player'???


xHeavYx1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

Lol, what happened to you man? You used to pretend to be partial, lately... lol
And what you are saying is that, just because it offers more things than DC, then we shouldn't talk about it?
Come on now.
Besides, you are comparing the second next gen entry (and the 6th entry of the game) to a new IP?

Septic1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

"Besides, you are comparing the second next gen entry (and the 6th entry of the game) to a new IP?

Errr no you did mate lol.

"And what you are saying is that, just because it offers more things than DC, then we shouldn't talk about it? "

Am I saying that? Please copy and paste the bit where I said that. No honestly, just paste that bit.

You brought DC into it. Don't hide behind falsehood that you've constructed and blame it on me

"Lol, what happened to you man? You used to pretend to be partial, lately... lol"

I need a better class of 'opponent' to actually have a debate with. Its become silly now. No offence to you but your weak victim act post and even weaker reply where you completely shot yourself in the foot is the kind of stuff that makes me say it as it is.

What's not impartial about what I said? I'm not the loony who thinks there's a mass conspiracy by reviewers against DC for it being what it is, an average at best racer.

You brought DC in to it. Now don't cry when you bring that subpar racing game to the fray and then are unable to utilise it effectively in the argument. Silly move on your part. It's like bringing a shoelace to a gunfight.

gangsta_red1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

Why do people always use the "DC is a new IP" excuse?

So are we to believe that there has been no other driving racer/sim until now? That the devs of DC couldn't research other racing games and make Driveclub just as complete and feature rich as any other established racer game on the market?

So a new IP is suppose to lack the basic features other racers have? Is this the excuse we are now going to have?

Septic1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )


"Why do people always use the "DC is a new IP" excuse? "

Oh man!!Its such a pathetic excuse. Honestly, it reeks of such strong fanboyism when someone says that. So much of that bs was being spouted by people clamouring to defend DC after the reviews came out.

I don't give a damn if it is a new IP. Why should I make concessions for a game that has so many gaps?

Ridiculous excuse and super super lame.

With regard to this (I'm sure Heavy is instantly regretting bringing DC into this) it's not a deal breaker for me although its a little bit disappointing that the night/wet tracks aren't comprehensive.

Still, you are getting a shed load of content and things never done before. Its not like it has stripped out content and that we're gonna start applauding the dev for adding a replay mode in the game lol.

FlexLuger1161d ago

"just because it offers more things than DC, then we shouldn't talk about it?"

Aside from visuals, there is NO area of DC that is even a patch on forza. Not in handling..even in non sim FH guise. Not in content. Not in online suite of features...nada...whats the point in bringing up DCs THIS forza thread, when we would all most likely get marked for pointing out the so many areas it lacks compared to forza? Like the fact that forzas cars handle like real cars for a start....Not just look like them.

"Besides, you are comparing the second next gen entry (and the 6th entry of the game) to a new IP?

Ya'll seemed Ok with it when those "forza killer" DC adds were running. Ya'll seemed ok with the comparison when we talk graphics...but when we talk about actual gameplay and features you wanna hide behind THIS?

'Cmon man'.....

It still doesnt explain why DC scores like the crew and worse than certain NFS games...quality is quality. New IP or not. forza was once a new contender too...but it was great first time round..and got better. Evolution studios has yet to make a masterpiece of a racing game, in all the different styles of racing they have done..WRC was weak sauce compared to the colin mcrea games of the time. mororstorm was ...ok..PD have only ever made two other racers that were not GT ..but GT is at least a masterpiece in its own right,and quite frankly its he only PS exclusive racer worth comparing to forza. The DC comparisons are luaghable at best.

The ONLY reason DC gets mentioned is because its the only 1st party exclusive racer and it looks stunning. Were it just a third party racer, we would have forgotten about it by now. YOU ps guys keep trumping it up, but from here it looks like a limp donkey...just let it die, man.

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