Hilarious Madden glitch has Arizona and Carolina trying to recover a fumble for 10 minutes

Madden always breaks in the best ways.

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AizenSosuke918d ago

Internet Meme of the century folks LOL.

bunt-custardly918d ago

Reminds me of looking at a tin of live maggots.

SaveFerris917d ago

How does one acquire a tin of live maggots and for what purpose?

bunt-custardly917d ago

You've never been fishing then?

BLow918d ago

I know right!! Actually, I'm pretty impressed with the physics and how the players are reacting to each other. I know Madden gets a lot of hate but not bad. :~)

TLG1991917d ago

This video accurately represents my life.

beerhound918d ago

Not sure why there's a picture of butter, but it should be unsalted butter. Better for your heart, and it tastes better.

SaveFerris918d ago (Edited 918d ago )

Reminds me of the EA Sports slogan before they changed it.

Neonridr918d ago

absolutely ridiculous. But glitches like those are always super funny to find.

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The story is too old to be commented.