Top 10 Achievements/Landmarks In Playstation History

Twenty years ago, Sony gave birth to the Sony PlayStation. The console marked a significant milestone for the world of video games. Needless to say, the industry has never been the same since its fruition. Throughout the course of its life, the company has achieved significant milestones, as well as set precedents for various aspects of the business. Together, we took a look at some of the PlayStation’s greatest achievements in all regards of its existence.

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FallenAngel19841012d ago

PlayStation was one of the best additions to the gaming industry

chrisx1012d ago (Edited 1012d ago )

Playstation is legendary to the industry.Thank heavens for PS

donwel1012d ago

Should that not be "Trophies" as opposed to Achievements?

Justiceleague1012d ago

Playstation is the King!!!

snoopgg1012d ago

Man the ps1 and ps2 eras had tons of games. Those two sony systems ate alot of my time up!

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