Sony Pre-TGS 2015 Conference in 8 Minutes - Summary & Reaction

A run down of the entire conference in just 8 Minutes and the David Game's thoughts on the show.

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AizenSosuke1162d ago

This is just Pre TGS just imagine TGS Sony conference OMFG !

rosscoffx1162d ago

Looking forward to it massively buddy, what are you hoping to see?

AizenSosuke1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

Naruto storm 4 and a hopefully like a surprise announcement of A Bleach fighting game for PS4 and or Vita :)

NiOh is cool to see, and Bloodbourne expansion DLC. Pretty much everything.

NewMonday1162d ago

in Japan they do the conference before TGS

TGS is an expo, the activities are on the show floor, its about being a hands on showcase.

timmyp531162d ago

that it came before everyone else. There won't be another Sony event per se but Other publishers are up next such as SE, Namco, Koie, Capcom, Atlus, etc and will most likely show playstation exclusives as well though.

rosscoffx1162d ago

I thought we were talking about the PlayStation Experience lol. That is what I want to see personally, hope for some nice surprises there.

Godmars2901162d ago

I was pretty pleased with it. If they have anything saved for TGS so much the better.

Main issue with it, as always, is what's going to leave Japan and when.

d4v03331162d ago

When is the real conference?

bouzebbal1161d ago

what do you mean by TGS Sony Conference?

bu3ouf911161d ago

Aizeeeeeeen I will kill you without my bankai ! XD

AizenSosuke1159d ago

No you not fool Shikai activates XD

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BG115791162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

Bloodborne DLC in November... I've never been happy about DLC before...

And, OMG, JRPG are coming!!!!!!!

Letthewookiewin1162d ago

I don't know what to say, been waiting for a nice supply of JRPGs on PS4 and it's finally happening!

nucky641162d ago

I'm with you on the bloodborne expansion - can't wait!
but, I'm also stoked for the witcher3 expansions...HoS on oct 6 is looking very interesting.

TomatoDragon1162d ago

That Bloodborne dlc vid was one of the most killer things I've seen in a while.

FallenAngel19841162d ago

And this is just the pre-show. The actual conference will happen later this week.

All those naysayers who made article after article about Sony missing out on a GamesCom conference have been silenced

Sora_19941162d ago

You'd think that...but no these games dont count *rolls eyes

jb2271162d ago

Wasn't this one the actual conference? I thought they meant "Pre-TGS" conference, not "Pre" TGS conference, in the sense that it takes place before the actual conference kicks off. It's weird wording but isn't that the same way other cons like E3 work out, the main showings from publishers prior to the doors opening, then all of the content showcasing deeper materials in the following days during the actual conference?

Definitely a great showing either way, and this is only the appetizer for Paris Games Week & PSX

nucky641162d ago

the first 2 sentences of your post caused my brain to overheat! LOL

jb2271162d ago


Haha my apologies, words r tuff!

andibandit1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

It's really simple,
this was Pre TGS Conference II.8

on a more serious note:
anyone know why Gravity Rush was renamed to Gravity Daze?

moomoo3191161d ago


"Gravity Rush" is the english version of the game, it's actually "Gravity Daze" in Japan, so it's not surprising they would present it that way at TGS

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Asuka1162d ago

Gravity Rush Remaster and Gravity Rush 2 were my favorite announcements. Literally excited for these.

WeAreLegion1162d ago

I'm metaphorically excited for them.

cpayne931162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

I guess its time to sell my Vita. Unless there's something big for it announced in the coming days. But yeah, still really happy to see GR2 finally announced.

georgenancy1161d ago

i'm also very LITERALLY excited for them

Tornado1161d ago

Yeah when I saw the apple I was like Yeah finally it's happening, and then I became more excited when they showed a town full of people, Gravity Rush 2. Can't wait to go back to play as Kat again.

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