VGS Review – Forza Motorsport 6: The Most Fun You Can Have in a Car….Without Driving

Ask anyone about what the significance of their car is and you’ll get a variety of different answers. For some, a car is merely a method of transport, occupying the same border as a bike, or a pair of rollerblades for that matter. It simply gets them to the places they need to go in a timely and efficient manner, providing a convenient alternative to a tiring walk. For others, it may be a reflection of their person that exemplifies the unadulterated essence of pure, liberating freedom and the fulfillment of one’s deepest dreams and successes.

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TheCommentator1189d ago

I love Forza, but I can think of something else I'd rather do... if I'm not driving.

timlot1189d ago

Like give right hand Sally a rest.

lvl_headed_gmr1189d ago

Palmala Handerson never gets a breather.

FlexLuger1189d ago

The way this game is just Micheal Jordaning the reviews tho.... :)

Between FH2 and FM6 ( And FM5 was really NOT a bad game. Just the weakest forza), they have set high barsfor racing games coming out the gate this gen. Who knows what kinds of things future version will bring? one things for sure is that T10 and PG will keep pushing each other, and in turn, this series to new hights. This is early days of forza on XB1. :)

Ka7be1189d ago ShowReplies(2)
Foehammer1189d ago

Nicely detailed review.

It appears the overwhelmingly vast majority of reviewer agree.

F6 is definitely THE game for racers and driving enthusiasts.

sangoku_d1189d ago

what better than dogging? thats the most wankish review ever also backwards, since you aint in a car but you are driving, sort of

user99502791189d ago

the lack of an A class lobby when I logged in has physically disturbed me. they better add more hoppers.

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