Beta Sign Ups For Bandai Namco's Secret 'Project New Sky' Now Open

Project New Sky is a mysterious new game from Bandai Namco which has a Beta Sign Up page with absolutely no information about the game.

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heedstone887d ago

Very strange having to sign an NDA before you know anything about a game! Even more puzzling now that I know what type of game it is. Wonder why there's so much secrecy?

AizenSosuke887d ago

Project New Sky-awesome new project send Gin to sign up just in case.

Kalebninja887d ago

It's a golf game lol. Look it up.

heedstone887d ago (Edited 887d ago )

Haha, yeah. It's baffling that Bandai Namco wouldn't just say it's a Golf MMO though. Instead of hiding everything behind an NDA!

inf3cted1887d ago

Its a golf game by the way

TheCrazyMerc887d ago

Wow i thought this was Ace Combat -_-

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