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From The Gamers' Temple: "Overall I had a great time with The Taken King. There really is more to it than a new set of story missions and some new strikes and multiplayer modes - it has improved upon Destiny in many of the areas in which I thought that the original game fell short."

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GrimDragon1157d ago

A four hour campaign amounts to 10 dollars an hour for a 40 dollar expansion including some tweaks and extras thrown in I guess it's a good deal.

jmc88881157d ago

$79 for some, which means ~$20 an hour.

pumpactionpimp1157d ago

If you simply focus on the campaign yes. But the same can be said about many games if you only focus on the campaign. Far cry 4 comes to mind. The campaign it's self isn't that long. The side quests they force you to do adds to game time. Fallout 3 for all its praise was like a 12 hr campaign if you went head long through it. So if you want to quantify it one way to make it look bad, so it to all games. But like most games this comes with other things outside the campaign to do.

And let's be honest at this point. If you're buying this game for the story, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

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jmc88881157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

Wow people are STILL giving Bungie the benefit of the doubt.

They are charging an arm and leg for TTK if you didn't buy the other expansion packs...

....and via this review you get, and I QUOTE THE ARTICLE

"You'll get about four hours or so of gameplay out of the main story if you're the type who likes to take everything in and explore a little instead of sprinting from one objective to the next, and once through it you'll probably have leveled up to about level 38 and be well within striking distance of the new level cap of 40 (more on this in a bit)."


They want me to pay $79 so I can get access to FOUR MORE HOURS of story content?

...and still no matchmaking.

So all told...if they add up Destiny 1 through Destiny 3 and all the expansion packs in about 2019 it seem you'll THEN finally get enough content for ONE $60 purchase.

...and hey maybe they'll finally get their heads out from the butts and have matchmaking.

pumpactionpimp1157d ago

Either you like the game and know what you're getting in to at this point. Or you don't and pass on it. No need to point out the obvious. Some feel ripped off, rightfully so imo. But people like me, got the game for free a year later, tried it, liked it, and purchased ttk for $60. It's not a bad deal from my perspective.

Monkeyboy1157d ago

There's more to The Taken King than the story mode, and even if you don't play any of the multiplayer content you can still play through the quest lines after you complete the story. If you only play the story mode, then obviously it's not worth it for you ... although I'm not sure why you would go for the Legendary Edition if all you're concerned about is the story mode when you can get the expansion alone for half of the price.

Aenea1157d ago

What do you mean $79 for 4 hours of content?

1) it doesn't cost $79, it's $40 for just this expansion
2) it has more than 4 hours of content

gsquad1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

Ok let be a little clearer on the subject of the $79. You would only pay that amount if you had passed on the other content. (The dark below and House of wolves) If that was the case then you are getting much more time than 4 hours with the Taken King Collectors addition that you are quoting @jmc8888. Each expansion was about 2-4 hours of game time if all you did was story and end game content. I am assuming here that you used LFG or your friends to do the raids and Prison of Elders. If you then add Trials of Osiris and the additional multiplayer maps you had well over 12 hours of added game play and that's if you went light on the PVP stuff. At that rate you are looking at about $6/hour. This is not to mention the new subclass for each characters plus 30 new exotics, and a new gun classes. All I am saying is if you are going to say its $79 you need to talk about all of the content that you are getting for that $79. For just 4hour of "new" story the true comparison would be the price for just the Taken King DLC which is only $40 so $10 per hour.